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The Client

UHR Rents opened their first UHR Rents store in 1986 with a simple goal in mind - to help people turn their house into a home. Now, almost 30 years later, they have grown to 10 stores serving customers throughout Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky, basically anywhere in the Cincinnati Tri-State region. Over that time, they noticed that there was a group of customers that were interested in their goods, but walked away from renting. These people were their quest.


Existing Problems

With the success of UHR Rents, came a realization. There was a class of people that had at one time had good credit, but had fallen on hard times (i.e. lost their job, gave away most everything in child support or divorce, etc.). These people understood the difference between renting and leasing, and they desired to lease their home furnishings, knowing that at some point they would either own or purchase them at the end of the lease. So how do you build a website that showcases to a higher class of people, but still doesn’t check their credit rating?

Our Solutions

That’s where Clarity stepped in to help. We designed a beautiful, high-class website with the smart shopper in mind, who wanted to lease, but couldn’t afford to have their credit pulled. Hi-res images of the products, every product page optimized for SEO, and the biggest customization of all, was a fully customized “get approved” process, gathering a specific set of information to determine the risk of approving the customer for their lease agreement. The site had to be quick, efficient, and handle the approval or denial of a potential customer quickly.


A Better Way to Rent

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The Benefits

The site boasts a hi-res, multi-image gallery for every product and a customized branded menu (chose ‘shop by brand’ and see the banners are all customized per brand), color-switching to see your product in every color available, customized tagging to easily compare “all laptops with 8GB RAM” and much more. The back-end process integrates with a 3rd party to validate and get a risk score, which either approves them on the spot, or denies them and provides information to follow up with the office. An over-ride is given; in the case that a score is close and the administrator wants to approve them manually.




With a limited budget, Clarity chose to roll the site out on WordPress’ open source CMS, with Woocommerce as the cart, with plug-ins for subscription payments, SEO per product, Gravity Forms for the multi-step lease application, thousands of hand-built graphics, Custom PHP and JavaScript for the branded banners and lease approval process. The site is fully mobile responsive and easily maintained and upgraded. Factor Trust is used for the 3rd party credit risk validation, with custom code to integrate it with the site.

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