Integration - Salesforce

Although there are more than a dozen viable CRM providers out there, let's face it, Salesforce CRM is king. If you attended Dreamforce last year, you witnessed this yourself firsthand. With such popularity and financial success, Salesforce has expanded it's CRM capabilities far beyond just leads, contacts and accounts, but from day one, there's one downfall to all the CRM platforms - they are only as good as the information fed into them.

We've all heard the term data quality or dirty data many times, and although we all know what it means and can probably even give an example or two, it is a very difficult and vague problem to address and prevent. The two main causes of data corruption or dirty data are not technical ones, they are human ones. The first is that almost all of the data entered is entered by hand, by a sales person. Mis-spelled names, typos, not finding things via search so creating duplicate records, the list goes on and on as to how and why it happens.

The second cause, also human in nature, is lack of data. How many times does a salesperson know the person's first name and phone, but not the last name, email, legal company name, website URL, address, etc. So they enter what they know and move on. The rest is left, causing incomplete and inconsistent records, both contact and account.

The key to solving dirty data and boosting sales, is to have data, clean data, and lots of it. The only way to accurately do this is collect the data either from the master source (each user KNOWS how to spell their own name) or collect the data as it happens. This is where Clarity can help. Integration is the key to collecting data. This can be from forms, client portals, emails, registrations, license renewals, browser behavior and more. How important is it to your sales people to know how many times their account has not only gone to the website/store, but how many products they looked at, for how long, added the cart and changed their mind, when they last logged in, how many times have they logged in, in the last 30-60-90 days, which accounts have the most lifetime value in activity or purchases?

This is all much easier to do than it sounds, and Clarity has done many Salesforce integrations for their customers, including a marketing and sales collateral integration using Salesforce as the document management respository for thousands of pieces of collateral for over 5,000 sales reps. Salesforce is also being used more to process customer orders, client behavior and engagement, so Clarity built an integration for Salesforce and our eCommerce platform. Let Clarity help you exploit the real power of your Salesforce instance.