Display Multiple Calls to Action That Speak to Every Visitor

Image Rotator

Unless a visitor comes from Google to a specific landing page, your home page is the front door to your company. The question is, what do you want them to see or think about when they get there? And more importantly, what do you want them to do? This is where an image rotator can provide a huge benefit. The rotator provides you with the ability to display multiple images, promotions, videos, or anything else you want - and each "slide" can have its own unique call to action (i.e. learn more, Get a Quote, or View a Video). Best of all, Clarity uses new technology that allows the images and animation to be seen on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android and more; whereas sites that implement Flash aren't mobile-friendly. This technology also allows you to easily swap in and out new images and calls to action.

Everest Stone

Showcasing Huge Inventory of Granite

Everest Stone is a direct importer based in Dallas Texas that specializes in the wholesale distribution of Natural Stone Slabs & Pre-Cut / Cut to Size Stone products. We only sell to fabricators, making us a “Fabricator First” Program. Wanting to quickly showcase how many different kinds of slabs are in stock, as well as their finished product in someone's house, Clarity built an image rotator, with huge pictures. This allowed them to showcase a lot about their inventory and quality very quickly. (Clarity Client)

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Product Use & Messaging Slides

Propex provides hundreds of products for with thousands of uses and applications. So for their rotating banner, instead of calls-to-action, it provides the site's basic messaging of their products and their uses. The navigation provides easy directions to each product, but it doesn't provide the use cases, so some users don't know which product to navigate to. That's where the banner has been very instrumental in educating, almost like a slide show, on which products each visitor might be interested in. (Clarity client)

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Responsive, Bold, Young and Styled Image Rotation

The eq-Aware™ approach is designed to help teenagers develop their emotional intelligence by focusing on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and adaptability dimensions. As their target audience is mostly teens, the graphics and imagery of the site needed to make a connection and be reflective of that core group to really connect. Much of the site messaging and what they do are contained succinctly in the slider images. The plugin chosen has an easy-to-use interface so the client can easily swap out or add additional slides. (Clarity client)

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Highlands Ranch

Mosaic, Paneled Animated Banner

The Highlands Ranch Association is an HOA of 30,000+ families in Colorado. The image rotator was a completely new design for Clarity, splitting it up into geometrical shapes, each being an independently animated area. This allows the banner to pretty much stay put, with images in one or more areas slowly fading in and out for a really neat affect. The drop zones were created such that the client could easily swap out images for new ones as they have events. (Clarity client)

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State of Montana

Resident-submitted Montana Image Backgrounds

The State of Montana's Department of Commerce wanted Clarity to design them a new mobile responsive website template. One of the requests was to incorporate some imagery from around the state that residents had taken and sent into the state. So Clarity designed the entire site to have those images as backgrounds, instead of using patterns or colors, while still incorporating rotating images on pages as needed for messaging. (Clarity client)

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Tillamook Library

"Shelved" Services and Events

Tillamook County library started in 1907 and services almost 300,000 Oregon residents. When the came to Clarity to design and build their new website, they struggled with how to make the site attractive and connect to an audience of little kids, through teens and adults to the older crowd. Clarity created a fun and whimsical design, segregating out unique areas for the kids and teens, yet providing areas with professional, more adult design content for the parents. Unique drop zones and image masks make the home page rotating images fun and stylish. (Clarity client)

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Denver Public Health

Service Offering Rotation

As Denver’s public health department, they provide a wide range of services that promote, improve and protect the health and well-being of the residents of Denver, Colorado and beyond. The six major services they provide are each represented with six images with their associated call-to-action on the home page rotator. Large, simple, clear messaging makes it easy for all ages to know quickly what each represents. (Clarity client)

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Multi-site Image Rotators

EMSI is a medical information services provider serving health plans, life and property/casualty insurers and employers. When Clarity designed their website, they had to design it to serve 3 unique business divisions, all tied together. So when you scroll down to the footer or in the navigation, you can click and it takes you seemlessly to another website, all tied together with the same look and feel, but different color palettes. Each site has it's own image rotator, providing information and calls to action for each site. (Clarity client)

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Plymouth Notch Ski Resort

Ever want to live on a Ski Resort? Be a member to a private club with Corporate events, townhomes, real estate investments and more? Well now you can. Plymouth Notch is a quaint community built within the Ski resort, providing beautiful scenary for year-round adventure and fun. Clarity designed and built a website to showcase the resort's beauty, which includes some beautiful scenary of the mountain. (Clarity client)

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Shining Star Therapy

Images to Connect to Parents

Shiningstar Therapy provides early intervention therapy (physical, occupational, speech and developmental) for all children, but specialize in children under three. Their main goal is that their therapists can connect with any child that needs their help. So when Clarity designed and built their simple, clean website, they created all the graphics and banners of children, just like the ones that they work with. The goal is to make parents visiting the site, comfortable that Shiningstar works with any child, especially the young ones that really need their help. (Clarity client)

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Prince Manufacturing

Audience-targeted Unique Messaging Hovers

Prince started in business in 1941 as a U.S. manufacturer of hydraulic components specializing in cylinders, mobile valves, gear pumps and motors. When they came to Clarity to design their new site, one large problem they had was that they served 3 distinct groups. So when Clarity design their image rotator, they built it to display those 3 groups, and as you hover over each group, unique targeted messaging pops up with a call-to-action just for that target group. This has drastically helped their visitors quickly self-identify where they need to go on the site. (Clarity client)

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Windrock Group

Responsive, Classy and Styled Image Rotation

Windrock Group is adept at facilitating market growth across industries and geographies, and facilitating the necessary strategic relationships. In a competitive global economy, we offer our clients a way to grow in emerging markets and achieve a global competitive position. Clarity built a unique image rotator that instead of rotating the graphics of the home page, it rotates the calls to action around the graphic. This provides a more subtle animation and isn't distracting to the visitor reading more about the Windrock Group on their home page. (Clarity client)

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RD Davis & Associates

Floating Locator Map Over Banner

For 35 years, R.D. Davis has provided land services to their clients ranging from 1-300 section prospects. Our staff handles all aspects of title work, ownership reports, GIS mapping, curative and regulatory work required to initiate drilling through completion. Clarity built them a new website that included a two-function banner - the typical full-width rotating images and messages, with their associate button selection at the bottom as well as a unique floating locator map that displays their office locations, Shales and Basins worked. Simply mouse over any of the three selections and it updates the map to show the locations. (Clarity client)

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