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Why do companies post an About Us or Meet our Team page? Because when you do business over the web, it's nice to put a face to a name, a person to a company, a real person to the check I'm about to write. But when you meet someone for the first time, its easy to get the wrong impression. We've all heard, "they're really nice once you get to know them." Your site visitors (read potential clients) may never meet you in person, so its critical that your online self or team represents you and your company/business well. That's where Clarity can help you design your profiles and BIOs to showcase your team at their best.

LDR Medical

Global Medical Supply Digital Timeline

LDR was founded in 2000 by partners Christophe Lavigne, Hervé Dinville, and Patrick Richard in Troyes, France with a singular focus on the development of innovative technology for spinal procedures. All LDR resources today are dedicated to this highly specialized segment of the orthopaedic and neurosurgical markets. With a matrix of products, Clarity designed very unique styling, using graphics and movement, to easily tell products in both type and category. Clarity created a custom digital timeline that allows customers, surgeons, and potential investors to "scrub" through all the many accomplishments (new countries, patents awarded, number of surgeries, etc.) that LDR has enjoyed over the years. (Clarity client)

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Meet the CPAmerica Staff

CPAmerica International as a member of Crowe Horwath International, is one of the largest associations of independently owned and managed CPA and consulting firms in the world based on annual revenue of member firms. Together, the combined annual revenue of CPAmerica and Crowe Horwath International firms is $2.73 billion. Clarity built out unique pages for both their Board of Directors, as well as their staff. (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

Custom Expandable BIOs for Large Organization

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. When it came time to revamp their website, they chose Clarity. Clarity is not only building them a beautiful responsive web design, but building a highly technology-driven backend to support this large organization. There's also a custom 'Find a Dentist' function where you can search specialties with X miles of your home - click to view (Clarity client)

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Team Introductions with Individual BIOs

Many of Clarity''s clients have projects that are very technical and may last months, even a year. When they are selecting a vendor, they want to know who they are going to work with and what their experience is. Clarity, through our BIO pages, share pictures, biographies and experience of all our leads.

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Windrock Group

Large Team with Mouse-over BIOs

The Windrock Group is a global firm specializing in helping to create financing strategies for projects that cost up to $1 Billion. Their site design was to be upscale, classy, clean and very clean messaging. No frills, just competencies. They''ve got a large and seasoned executive team. Mousing over any team member pops up their BIO. Some were camera shy, but others included their picture. (Clarity client)

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Large Team with Expandable BIOs

Greengate advises sponsors, financial institutions, governments and investors on the financing of infrastructure projects globally, including some of the largest and most complex project financings. With a large team of executives servicing a global market, Greengate wanted a short and clean way to have a quick intro to each team member. Clarity built them an expandable view with all the team members displayed, and with a single click, their intro BIO appears. (Clarity client)

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Professional Women Controllers

Non-profit Regional Directors BIOs

PWC is a non-profit nationwide organization representing women in the air traffic control field. They provide support, training and career development for its members through regional programs. Each region has a Director that oversees operations in that area of the country. Clarity provided the functionality for PWC to showcase these Directors and other positions at the company via profile pages on the website. In this example you can see PWC utilized the pages to provide headshots, regional info, and a short biography on these individuals. (Clarity client)

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