Before a Conversion, There's Information


No matter how much time you spend creating content for your website, it will never be enough to answer every visitor’s questions - nor should it be. Keep in mind, a well-designed website contains content that is focused on driving business, be it an organic search placement on Google or a catalyst that drives prospects toward requesting a quote or downloading a trial. Website content is usually not the way to display your entire knowledge base, and it should never be a way to share everything your competitors need to know about your business. A good FAQ can address questions appropriately without distracting from page copy or divulging too much information to competitors. It can provide enough information not just to answer your prospective customer’s questions, but also to increase their confidence in your ability to address their needs knowledgably. This, in turn, will entice them: to read more, to chat with a live person, to call for more information, or to request a quote. Let Clarity help you create a well-organized, SEO-friendly FAQ that doesn't just answer questions; it drives additional business.

San Diego Airport

Millions of Travellers, Millions of Questions

With over 20 Million travellers hitting the website 24 x 7, the only way to properly service them was to make the website as self-sufficient as possible. Painstaking detail was taken in the design, construction, navigation and UI / UX of the site to help those travellers find what they needed quickly, and easily. Clarity used many 3rd party modules and custom development to accomplish the user experience the airport needed for their travellers. (Clarity client)

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Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch HOA Support

With more than 30,000 families in their HOA, Highlands Ranch needed to make sure that they had a website that could service their community, provide all the information their site visitors needed, and provide a place where they could post answers to questions that were asked by the community. The website was the one place that was the voice of the community. (Clarity client)

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Electrical Co-op Online Self-help

CoServ Electric Co-op services almost 300,000 customers. The FAQs dramatically reduce the number of phone calls the company receives and improves the speed at which their customers can find answers to their questions. The module allows the company to easily categorize and add their own FAQs when they need. (Clarity client)

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Leasing Questions Answered

Just-LeaseIt has been in the Rent-to-Own business for over 30 years.They found that they had a number of well-educated or mid to high-income clients that asked about Leasing vs. Renting. Many understood finances better, and were going through a divorce or something else that put them in their situation. They decided to launch a new site, designed and built by Clarity to provide more desireable leasing terms for those clients, and the FAQ spells it all out for them. (Clarity client)

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Meeting Lists

Self-service Tech Support

From more than 20 years of research, Meeting Lists has accumulated enough information regarding annually recurring meetings that may interest companies in the hospitality industry, that they were able to create a whole new business, doing nothing but selling that information. Clarity eCommerce provides the platform for the searching and transacting and the FAQs module provides the guidance, which has turned the business into a completely self-contained engine. (Clarity client)

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Online Assessment Questions Answered

The eq-Aware™ approach is designed to help teenagers develop their emotional intelligence by focusing on intrapersonal, interpersonal, and adaptability dimensions. Development takes place through interactive coaching and communication, leveraging both technology and social media. As parents are often doing research late at night while surfing the web, eqAware's FAQs provides those answers that they're thinking about. (Clarity client)

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Complex Home Mortgage Questions

Since 1988 over $335 million of INHP and community resources have been invested in mortgages and loans to help thousands of low-and-moderate income families’ purchase, improve or repair their home. INHP has helped place more than 30,000 families in a home. Not only do they provide new mortgage loans, but they provide all kinds of services, home improvement training and more. But you can find out all about that in their FAQs. (Clarity client)

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Affair Recovery

Online Course FAQ - Styled and Pre-expanded

Our story took root in 1984, when founder Rick Reynolds and his wife Stephanie struggled to move past the pain of his infidelity. Even as a marriage counselor and family therapist, Rick had trouble finding resources and programs that could help them recover from the affair and save their marriage. Rick drafted the curriculum for EMS Online (originally called 911 Marriage), and began to use the materials in his own private marriage counseling practice. A comprehensive and user-friendly FAQ page makes it easy for couples to get answers quickly and easily. (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Styled-Collapsable Medical FAQ

LDR Medical, although starting in France a short 15 years ago, has designed and patented almost 20 devices for cervical and thoracolumbar (spine) disc surgeries. As each product is approved, the company has the challenge of marketing it to every surgeon in the country / region where the device is approved. As you can imagine, hundreds of clinical tests must be conducted for each country that they want to apply for "FDA" approval. When the surgeons come to this site to learn about the newly approved product, LDR needed a simple way for them to get answer to questions, without having to call someone. Clarity built them a custom FAQ library with an administrative backend to make it easy for the client to add and edit questions and answers. (Clarity client)

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Egg Donor & Parents FAQs

Eggsy is a small company that brings together egg donors with potential parents in the hopes of fostering their family. These donors are young women from all over the nation, almost all who have never donated before, full of questions. The FAQs were written to not only answer their questions, but to put their minds at ease and set the stage for expectations of what's to come, if they choose to donate. (Clarity client)

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