No matter how much time you spend creating content for your website, it will never be enough to answer every visitor’s questions - nor should it be. Keep in mind, a well-designed website contains content that is focused on driving business, be it an organic search placement on Google or a catalyst that drives prospects toward requesting a quote or downloading a trial. Website content is usually not the way to display your entire knowledge base, and it should never be a way to share everything your competitors need to know about your business. A good FAQ can address questions appropriately without distracting from page copy or divulging too much information to competitors. It can provide enough information not just to answer your prospective customer’s questions, but also to increase their confidence in your ability to address their needs knowledgably. This, in turn, will entice them: to read more, to chat with a live person, to call for more information, or to request a quote. Let Clarity help you create a well-organized, SEO-friendly FAQ that doesn't just answer questions; it drives additional business.