Move Beyond Event Tracking


Online calendars are a highly untapped resource. A calendar isn't just a home for events, but a platform for fresh web content, webinar notifications and registration, customer service notices, client and prospect training, scheduled service maintenance, and more. If you're looking to improve customer satisfaction, implementing a good calendar is a great way to start.

Highlands Ranch

Custom Filters, Categories, Event Counts

Servicing more than 30,000 families means that there's always something going on at Highlands Ranch. Whether it's yoga, swimming lessons, block party, summer camp or any of the thousand items on the calendar, there's always something to do. To coordinate and find those events is a challenge so Clarity had to design a custom calendar that had filtered categories, cross-counts of event types and color coordinated event types to help make it easy to find what you're looking for. (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

9,000 Member State-Association Calendar

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 9,000 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into 4 divisions across the state of Texas. When they had Clarity design and build their site, they needed a calendar that would service the many meetings, events and more of their members. Clean, simple and mobile friendly, the calendar is one of the most visited pages on their site. (Clarity client)

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Tillamook County

7-Library Calendar

Since 1907, Tillamook has had a library. Now they have seven, and they're servicing over 300,000 residents. All seven libraries hold and schedule their own events, reading, book reviews and more, but since they're all within the county, anyone can attend any of the events, so all seven calendars needed to be merged into one, yet be able to be filtered by the closest location. Clarity built a custom, categorized and filtered calendar to fit the client's needs. (Clarity client)

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Southern Medical Association

Conference Calendar w/ Registration and Social Media Integration

SMA is an association of physicians and health professionals that promotes innovation & improvement, industry best practices, and community among its members. The association holds and promotes events which needed to be organized and presented to its website visitors. Clarity delivered a list calendar to showcase these events in the most simple and effective way possible. (Clarity client)

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Stillwater Public Schools

Secure Custom School District Multi-Calendar

Stillwater Public School District, like many others is big. There are many Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools within the district. Still, they are all in the same District. This means that there are many District activities, but as many or more school activities for each school. So when Clarity designed this calendar, they had to make it easy to view any of the many calendars a parent, teacher or student may need. (Clarity client)

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Surface & Panel

Hosted & Attending Events Calendar

For more than 30 years, Surface & Panel's magazine has united materials, technology and design. This means that they not only host a ton of events, but they also attend and have a booth set up at many events. So for their calendar, they needed it to be able to drill in and display all the details of each event, whether it's hosted or attended and take care of registration sign-up and more. (Clarity client)

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SRO Services

Financial Compliance Application

SRO Services provides a full line of products and services for the financial investment community. Companies that work in this industry are constantly scrutinized and audited and audits can sometimes take years and tens of thousands of dollars to defend. SRO Services provides an application, which was built on Clarity's eCommerce development platform, which is a custom "calendaring meets document management" application that schedules out all of the documents, templates and guidelines a company would need to fill out and submit to ensure a smooth and eventless audit. (Clarity client)

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LDR Medical

Sales Portal with Custom Global Calendar

LDR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. The global sales team is constantly scheduling peer-to-peer product reviews, onsite VIP visits, surgical operating room consultations, and all the regulatory and compliance reporting associated with those activities. Clarity has built LDR a custom application with a calendaring interface to allow for the scheduling and reporting for all their activities globally. The portal also integrates all the forms and workflow to ensure proper compliance recording for audit purposes. (Clarity client)

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Nasher Sculpture

Custom Online Calendar, Timeline, Scheduling

Open since 2003 and located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, the Nasher Sculpture Center is home to one of the finest collections of modern and contemporary sculptures in the world. But they go way beyond just sharing the art, they inspire and promote the art of sculpture. Clarity built a custom online calendar for all their different art exhibits and classes that they offer. Different skill levels, different mediums and much more, make their classes both fun and educational. (Clarity client)

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Global Secure Calendaring for the Military

Their mission statement reads, "The USO lifts the spirits of America's troops and their families." A very simple yet daunting task given the numbers of members and families involved in the many arms of the United States military. Although a privately-held and run non-profit, this organization was chartered by the US Congress and the President of the United States sits on it's Board of Directors. The USO sponsors and holds thousands and thousands of meetings, events, fund raisers, presidential appearances, all over the globe. And to coordinate that is a huge task. Clarity took over development of the USO's global scheduling calendar last year, providing both a face lift and a ton of new UI and feature changes and custom development. (Clarity client)

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Petroleum Solutions Inc.

Training Calendar w/ Course Curriculum and Registration

Petroleum Solutions, Inc.’s growth has provided opportunities for over two hundred employees throughout our seven offices. We have more than sixty certified and trained petroleum equipment service technicians and 20 outside sales people PSI is proud to offer Gilbarco Veeder-Root Dispenser in-person Training and has their training schedule, calendar and registration all served up on their website. (Clarity client)

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