eCommerce Shipping Integrations for Global & Domestic Sites

Shipping Integration

Clarity has been building eCommerce sites for almost 10 years, and almost every one has a shipping integration piece attached. And so it was for years, until global companies, like Orange Octopus asked us to calculates taxes, duties, fees, and shipping in real-time for over 200 countries and currencies. Now we've done sites where a single site may integrate with dozens of LTL carriers, shipping companies and more anywhere in the world. Let Clarity help you grow your site to the global market.

Transportation Management Solutions

Dozens of LTL Integrations

With the cost of gas lingering above $3 a gallon, companies in the transportation industry are shackled with either eroding profit, or the constant task of improving business processes and cutting costs. TMS's unique approach to transportation allows them to expand offerings, improve logistics and lower prices. Clarity enabled integrations to dozens of shipping carriers to provide comparative shipping rates in real time. (Clarity client)

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Brick Packaging

UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, Super Regional

Brick Packaging caters to partnering with those interested in only quality products and being able to handle custom orders. Their customer service is second to none and when they wanted a new website built, then looked for the best and chose Clarity. Clarity is in the process of building them a new global website, built on a highly extensible and fast eCommerce platform. The site will have integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and a variety of shipping integrations, such as: UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, Super Regional. These custom integrations enable Brick Packaging to accomodate all their clients' needs quickly and efficiently. (New Site Coming soon - Clarity client)

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