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Web Design

Want to re-design your website? If only it were that easy. Many companies design their own websites or pay a design firm to design a site, because that's what the popular definition of web design involves. But to a true marketer, a well-designed website involves so much more. Designing a website encompasses a whole myriad of requirements - look and feel, engaging messaging, UI for the customer experience, calls to action, intuitive navigation, gated delivery of collateral for lead gen, and more.

Then we need the all the back-end stuff - analytics, goals, funnels, trending, reports, campaign management, social integration and more. Face it, there are thousands of companies out there that can help you make a website pretty, but now that you know what it takes to really design one, let Clarity, a company that truly understands how to design a website, help you create a website that is an integral part of your business.

Clarity addresses not just design needs, but functionality considerations as well, through our professional and cutting-edge web design offerings. We blend the power of Microsoft’s ASP.NET programming platform with the security and privacy offered in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to create a fully functional, safe, and appealing website. As your website's back-end operations are programmed, we have our best designers come up with a feel for your site based upon your company’s ideas and the competition in your respective market. With Clarity, you’ll get much more than stock photography; you’ll get web design experts trained in software that can create seamless looks to both attract and retain customers.

Paradigm Spine

Custom Medical Device Marketing Site

Another repeat customer. Lori was the VP at LDR spine and hired us to design their site, which won 3 design awards. Having moved on to Paradigm Spine, she knew who to call when they were ready to launch their new Coflex medical device. Clarity designed another beautiful, optimized for SEO, marketing site to launch in conjunction with their device. (Clarity client)

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Merck Pharmaceutical Animal Health

Custom eCommerce Memberships for Microchips

A Merck Pharmaceutical Company Division, Merck Animal Health manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services. Clarity used a significant amount of their existing graphics and branding, since they paid license fees to use the Charlie Brown characters. Big, bold and fun images of people and pets were the main focus of the site, sprinkling in some Peanuts fun here and there. Check out the Report a Lost Pet form. Charlie Brown will be there to help you find Spot. (Clarity client)

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San Diego International Airport

International Airport Managed Online

With over 20 million online visitors, tens of thousands of visits a day, San Diego International Airport's site is busy. When they selected Clarity, they had a tall order for custom designed elements throughout the entire site: terminal maps, dining and shopping, art exhibits, checking your flight status, finding parking and rent-a-car, and much more. Beautiful, bold colors and graphics, mobile responsive, integration with many 3rd party applications, galleries galore, this site is amazing. (Clarity client)

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Custom-designed Medical eCommerce Site

Clarity started with a new custom design, that could not only be used for the storefront, but carry into the company's other portals and mobile app. Images of the types of medical professionals that buy and use Sourcemark's products were used so people could see what they may look like wearing their gear. Bright, cheery colors and fresh models were used for the imagery. (Clarity client)

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Highlands Ranch

30,000 Family HOA Online

Highlands Ranch Community Association is an HOA of over 30,000 families. The association is so successful, that they've garnered national recognition and awards. So when it came to building a new website, they needed the best. Clarity started with custom design elements, like an animated banner, where sections of the banner would appear and disappear, using images from the community, that HRCA could swap in and out. Moving on to a navigation design that could handle hundreds of pages, and finally rounding out their site with a custom Business "Biz" Directory, where local business could pay to advertise, families could find and rate their experiences with them. (Clarity client)

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Denver Public Health

Government Medical Site

As Denver’s public health department, they provide a wide range of services that promote, improve and protect the health and well-being of the residents of Denver, Colorado and beyond. They approached Clarity to build them a responsive, mobile-friendly fresh, yet professional website for their new site launch in 2016. Clarity, based the design loosely on their partner, Denver Health's website, and updated the grid size and mobile templates. (Clarity client)

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Surface & Panel

Online Design Magazine

Since it launched in 2003, Surface & Panel has been the only magazine focused exclusively on the design, manufacture and marketing of panel-based furniture and casegoods. By uniting decorative surfaces, panel products and the latest in processing technology, Surface & Panel is on the leading edge of product design and innovation. When they approached Clarity for their new website, you can bet modern design was at the top of their priorities. With so many magazines, articles, news feeds, galleries and more, Clarity had to be careful to ensure the navigation and design of the site was clean, to ensure it showcased the elements put on the page, not the site itself. Mobile responsive, custom galleries, integration with online magazine readers, news feeds and much more, make up this great site. (Clarity client)

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Tillamook County

Online Government Library

Since 1907, Tillamook County has had a library. Starting with a $300 investment, the library has grown over the years to now support their community of 300,000 residents. The library has 7 branches, but offers access to everything online. For design, Clarity had to come up with something that met everyone's needs, kids to adults, young and old alike, something for everyone. Navigation for such a divers audience was a challenge and making sure there are unique areas to keep them all entertained was crucial. Clarity also had some technology to integrate with, mobile responsive, providing custom search indexing for online databases, book search and requests, room bookings, paying late fees and much more. (Clarity client)

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LDR | Zimmer Biomet

Clean, User Guided Workflow, Modern

LSR Medical is a global innovator in Cervical and Spinal devices. Founded in France, they've grown to hold many patents and Government approval for surgical implantation of their devices in many countries around the world. In order to make it very easy for LDR to control the user experience and the way information is delivered to the visitors, they asked Clarity to design and build some custom wizard UIs to control the workflow. You can compare "About Your Neck" and "About Mobi C" to see the differences.

The colorful, more home environment graphics are for users learning about how it will affect them in their every day lives. The more technical wizard is to show surgeons and those looking for how it works versus how it feels for users. There's also a mirrored mobile site for the surgeons who view the site on their tablets. (Clarity client)

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LDR Medical

Bold Colors, Vivid Graphics, Global Design

LDR was founded in 2000 by partners Christophe Lavigne, Hervé Dinville, and Patrick Richard in Troyes, France with a singular focus on the development of innovative technology for spinal procedures. All LDR resources today are dedicated to this highly specialized segment of the orthopedic and neurosurgical markets. With a matrix of products, Clarity designed very unique styling, using graphics and movement, to easily tell products in both type and category. (Clarity client)

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Prince Manufacturing

Bold, Graphic-heavy, Professional

Prince Manufacturing Corporation has been building custom hydraulic cylinders for more than 64 years. Specializing in high-performance products for engineers, purchasers and customers, Prince strives for quality. In that light, they approached Clarity to upgrade their website to showcase their products with a new design, custom navigation, ability to process custom orders and to integrate their inventory management system with the site so people would know what's immediately available.

For their mobile customers, Clarity even created a custom grid control. Check out the product features table by visiting their site below. As you collapse your browser window (to emulate a mobile screen) notice how the first column freezes and the remaining columns are responsive depending on the width of your screen. (Clarity client)

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Meetings Data List

Online Meetings Database Site

It's all about the data. Over 20 years of research to gather data and find ways to extract the data. Now how to sell the data. That's where Clarity eCommerce stepped in. As a custom eCommerce development platform, Clarity was able to create a custom search and query form, allowing users to find many products and treat them as a single purchase, with the ability to digitally download and track them. Mobile responsive, bold design, easy to navigate were just a few of the requirements for the new site. (Clarity client)

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Bestway RTO

Bright, Full-screen, Vivid Graphics

As the largest independent operator in the rent to own industry, Bestway has earned the confidence and a strong following from our customers through our low price guarantee. This is what they wanted from Clarity in their new web design. Since people were making large purchasing decisions from nothing more than a few online graphics, Clarity built a custom template that allowed BWRTO to use the entire screen real estate to display their products. This improved conversions significantly. (Clarity client)

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Windrock Group

Clean, Corporate Website Design

The Windrock Group is a global firm specializing in helping to create financing strategies for projects that cost up to $1Billion. Their site design was to be upscale, classy, clean and very clean messaging. No frills, just competencies. (Clarity client)

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Professional, Bold, Bright, Intuitive

The APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) non-profit website re-design (Clarity did their first design 3 years ago), e-mail invoicing, & conference registration system resulted in a modern, credible web-presence and improved key business systems. The main results for the project were a mobile responsive site with automated membership invoicing and online payment system to dramatically improve membership renewals as well as a conference registration system to streamline the annual conference process. (clarity client)

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Vibrant, Stylish, Modular & High-tech

Provance is a global company specializing in technology solutions used to manage IT assets. Whether you're looking for a way to keep track of your company's computer or an ITIL compliant help desk solution, Provance has the technology for your IT organization. And it's not just the hardware! Trying to keep track of all those software licenses you purchased? Track them for assets that are retired, employees that have left, Microsoft discount bundles? Well that's all covered too.

Clarity came in a gave them a custom responsive website design that matches their cool technology - fast, stylish, vibrant with extensive video and media as well as automatically adjusts for mobile devices. (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

142-year old Association Membership Portal

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. When it came time to revamp their website, they chose Clarity. Clarity is not only building them a beautiful responsive web design, but building a highly technology-driven backend to support this large organization. Behind the login, there's an entire support portal built to service their thousands of dental association members. (Clarity client)

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Southern Medical Association

Bold, Vibrant, Colorful, Technical Blogs Site

SMA is an association of physicians and health professionals that promotes innovation & improvement, industry best practices, and community among its members. The association holds and promotes events which needed to be organized and presented to its website visitors.
,br /> They've got 6 unique blogs, serving up many technical feeds on information in the medical field. As specialists in medical research, they've also got a medical Journal that they publish. So Clarity designed a bold design, assigning each blog a unique color that persists when you go into each area. (Clarity client)

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