Web Design

Want to re-design your website? If only it were that easy. Many companies design their own websites or pay a design firm to design a site, because that's what the popular definition of web design involves. But to a true marketer, a well-designed website involves so much more. Designing a website encompasses a whole myriad of requirements - look and feel, engaging messaging, UI for the customer experience, calls to action, intuitive navigation, gated delivery of collateral for lead gen, and more.

Then we need the all the back-end stuff - analytics, goals, funnels, trending, reports, campaign management, social integration and more. Face it, there are thousands of companies out there that can help you make a website pretty, but now that you know what it takes to really design one, let Clarity, a company that truly understands how to design a website, help you create a website that is an integral part of your business.

Clarity addresses not just design needs, but functionality considerations as well, through our professional and cutting-edge web design offerings. We blend the power of Microsoft’s ASP.NET programming platform with the security and privacy offered in SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to create a fully functional, safe, and appealing website. As your website's back-end operations are programmed, we have our best designers come up with a feel for your site based upon your company’s ideas and the competition in your respective market. With Clarity, you’ll get much more than stock photography; you’ll get web design experts trained in software that can create seamless looks to both attract and retain customers.