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Member Directory

Member directories can be very powerful tools, if they’re in the right hands. The trick is in knowing how to slice, protect and display the data. Add in membership voting, approvals, and much more, and a member directory can become complex quickly. Clarity offers a unique approach to member directories that exploits technology and improves the value and usability of your member directory. So whether you're a nonprofit, a college, or a global corporation, Clarity can design a directory that will exceed your needs.

Northwest Community Healthcare

1,000+ Physician Directory

Health Connection, provided by NCH, is a direct link for patients to over 1,000 primary care and specialty physicians on the medical staff of Northwest Community Hospital. When Clarity designed their website, this was one of the custom features that needed to be designed and built to provide the level of service to their patients that NCH is known for. (Clarity client)

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Highlands Ranch Assoc.

Business Directory of Local Businesses

Highlands Ranch Association represents the HOA for over 30,000 families. The website Clarity designed and built provides a wealth of information for these families, including events calendars, alerts, park sign ups, and much more. One special feature is a local business directory, where businesses can come and register, making it easy for families to find businesses like painters, etc., as well as rate the service they got for others to review. (Clarity client)

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Leon County

Government Department Directory

Leon County, Florida is home to nearly 300,000 residents. When they asked Clarity to design and build them a mobile website for their residents, a large feature was an indexed and searchable database of the hundreds of departments, commissioners, employees, and more of the County. The big part was that it needed to be quick and user friendly for mobile devices. (Clarity client)

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Tamp Bay Water Dist.

Government Employee Directory

Tampa Bay Water is often cited as a model of regional cooperation, thanks to the spirit of regionalism that created the utility as well as the continuous regional efforts of our board of directors. They provide drinking water to more that 2.3 Million residents in their 9 regions. As a large organization, they asked Clarity to build them a complex, yet easy to use, employee locator directory that provided easy indexing, searching, images of each employee, along with their name, title, office location, office and mobile numbers, email address, etc. so help improve communication across the many employees. (Clarity client)

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Productions Plus

Talent Agency Member Portal

Productions Plus - The Talent Shop provides some of the world's best-known brands with full-service talent management in automotive, live event and trade show staffing, product demonstration, retail merchandising, TV/film/commercial/voiceover and more. Servicing clients, such as Porsche and Audi, their clients demand the best. They hired Clarity to not only design their site, but build the custom talent search (built with Clarity eCommerce) database, including the integration to their back-office Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (Clarity client)

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San Diego International Airport

Airport Business Partner Directory

San Diego International Airport services over 20 million travellers online. When it came to their website, the picked Clarity, both for the construction, but for the ongoing long-term maintenance as well. As a fairly large airport, you can imagine the number of companies that could possibly do business with them, restaurants, sewage, cleaning, artists, store managers, and many more. Clarity built them a business directory for all the opportunities that these businesses may have to engage the airport. (Clarity client)

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LDR Employee Portal

Global Employees Directory

LDR is a global medical device manufacturer, founded in Troyes, France. With major offices around the globe, it became difficult for people to find other employees, even if at their same location. So Clarity built a custom employee directory, that provides custom search criteria, so if an account was planning a trip to France, they could search for the Comptroller or anyone in finance, view their titles, pictures, email and phone, and finally click on a link that takes them to the floor plan of that office so they know when they get there, where they need to go. (Clarity client)

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Nationwide Colleges, Professors and Students Non-profit Directory

APPIC (Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers) resources assist students seeking quality internship and postdoctoral training. The APPIC Match (built by Clarity) assists psychology training programs to find the highest quality applicants. The APPIC Website gives students access to: the APPIC Match, the National Matching Services, the APPIC Directory On Line and the online APPIC Application for Psychnology Internship (AAPI). (Clarity client)

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Texas Dental Association

Custom 8,000 Member Directory

The Texas Dental Association (TDA), chartered in 1871, is the third largest state dental association in the United States. Currently, the Association has more than 7,700 members and is comprised of 26 component dental societies grouped into four divisions across the state of Texas. When it came time to revamp their website, they chose Clarity. Clarity is not only building them a beautiful responsive web design, but building a highly technology-driven backend to support this large organization. Behind the login, there's an entire support portal built to service their thousands of dental association members. (Clarity client)

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Egg Donor Member Directory

Eggsy is in the business to help join potential parents with egg donors in the hopes of building families. The Eggsy team, from personal experience, decided that this was something that they wanted to do. Clarity designed and built a site where donors could come sign up and be a part of the anonymous directory, that potential parents could search through donors who've provided responses to 100 questions. (Clarity client)

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Shining Star Therapy

Child Therapists Member Directory

Shiningstar Therapy services many counties in Northern Illinois. They've got therapists all over the state that provide many different types of therapy, mostly to children under 3, but also children of all ages. When a therapist needs time off or can't make an appointment, they needed a directory, that not only provided all other employee options, but included their specialty areas, cell phone number, and their BIO, including years of experience so a therapist could ensure that they get someone who's qualifications match what they need. (Clarity client)

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Pervasive Software

Global Partner-stratified Member Directory

Pervasive has a fairly extensive global partner network that accesses their Sales portal for marketing and sales collateral. Clarity helped build custom modules that allow Pervasive to serve up dynamic and changing content to each of its partners. (Clarity client)

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Professional Women Controllers

Nationwide Regionalized Non-profit Member Directory

Encourage women to enter the air traffic control profession; assist in professional and personal development; maintain accountability, responsibility, and professionalism; and promote a better understanding, cooperation and coordination among individuals toward the continual improvement of aviation safety. Clarity built a directory that dynamically serves up public vs. private (members only) records for its visitors. (Clarity client)

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Global Country Partner Listing

Provance produces IT management solutions for managing IT assets, whether hardware, software, licenses, and more. They also provide world-class ITIL help desk software. Provance has a global network of partners across 17 countries ready to not only sell you a customized software solution, but help you design the implementation to more efficiently manage your IT assets. Clarity built them an easy-to-use expandable country listing where users can quickly find a partner in their own or neighboring country. (Clarity client)

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