Keep Every Document Where it Belongs

Document Management

All companies have collateral. While you would think that creating all that collateral would be the most difficult thing about managing it, that is not what our experience tells us. The hard part is organizing, storing, updating and finding all the collateral that you've spent so much time producing. That's what a document management system brings you; it’s a single 'source of truth' where all collateral goes. From there it can be organized, updated, indexed, tracked, and most importantly, made readily available on your website. Let us show you how an integrated document management system can make it easy to maintain a document repository and what it can do for your business.


Custom Document Management System

InduSoft provides leading-edge SCADA software technology that uses the Internet to access data that is stored on industrial devices and test and measurement equipment. In addition, InduSoft tools and technologies convert personal computers, web browsers, and such remote productivity devices such as cell phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) into industrial automation and test and measurement systems. Not only did Clarity design and build them a new website, but with so much publicly available collateral, Clarity built a custom, easy-to-use, multi-lingual document management system with real-time predictive search results. (Clarity client)

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Southern Medical Association

Members-only Secure Document Access

SMA is an association of physicians and health professionals that promotes innovation & improvement, industry best practices, and community among its members. The association publishes medical journals, articles and documents that it makes available to it's member in a member only area of the website. (Clarity client)

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Pervasive Software

Salesforce-driven, Dynamic Access

Pervasive has an extensive sales and marketing organization with over 5,000 pieces of collateral. The Pervasive Sales portal, provides a way to serve up that collateral from one location, but dynamically and securely provide access to certain collateral, be it employees, partners, distributors, clients, etc. (Clarity client)

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Document Management Module

With Document Exchange (DMX) your DotNetNuke® installation will become a state-of-the-art Document Management system. Specify exactly who can see, edit, add or approve content, document by document. Build complex folder structures and categorize to reflect your document management needs. Index the contents so users can easily find them. The fastest and most affordable way to document management.

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