Harness the Power of Mobile Technology

Mobile Development

The world has gone mobile. Don’t believe us? Just look at every teenager attached to their cell phone, or the person driving next to you who is texting. We already know how mobile technology affects us daily, the key is now is to understand how mobile technology will affect your business—because it will. Clarity can help you meet the evolving needs of your target audience, whether by creating a mobile-friendly website, providing auto-detecting for mobile devices, offering responsive designs that allow your site to adapt to different screen resolutions, or building you a mobile application for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or another popular mobile device. Take it even further and have your site auto-detect your visitor’s location, and serve up content or promotions specific to their region.

ACON Laboratories

Bluetooth Sync'd Patient / Doctor Portal

ACON Laboratories leads the way in making point of care medical diagnostics more affordable to people all around the world. We provide rapid diagnostic and healthcare products based on a philosophy of high quality, low price, and superior flexibility. Clarity built them a Doctor / Patient portal and mobile application that allows diabetics to sync their blood readings with their mobile phones, which is then automatically uploaded to the portal and shared with their healthcare provider. This way doctors will now between appointments when users are out of acceptable range and in danger. (Clarity Client)

Leon County Florida

Mobile Site to Service 300,000 Residents

Serving over 300,000 residents in Florida, Leon County had a huge website with tons of information, events, calendars, forms, maps, and much more. The problem was that it wasn't mobile friendly. Leon County came to Clarity to build a mobile-only site, optimized for the mobile user, so they could easily and quickly find anything they were looking for, including a custom help desk, where a person can file a complaint, report a broken sewer pipe, a rabid dog, and much more. (Clarity Client)

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Clarity Ventures

eCommerce User/Admin Mobile Applications

For more than a decade, Clarity has been building custom B2B eCommerce marketplaces. Although the sites launched were mobile responsive, Clarity didn't have a mobile app, until now. This is the first of 3 new mobile apps being launched. This one allows purchasers to log into their "My Account" dashboard, and view all orders, invoices and quotes. Each is broken into subcategories of status, with the ability to expand and collapse each section, or drill down in to view and print a specific order or invoice. (Clarity eCommerce)

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C# Mobile App Development Platform

Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin illustrates the mobile marketing’s growing importance, which has clearly overtaken fixed Internet access in global markets. Xamarin can now deliver even better mobile apps across platforms by using Microsoft's Visual Studio and the .NET's productivity. Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin ensures that developers can easily build cross-platform apps that include Android, Apple and Google mobile platforms. Xamarin already has made cross-platform app development and testing easier for developers, but with Microsoft's ownership, developers can expect increased Windows and Android mobile development and an easier porting process for all operating systems including Microsoft's competitors. Clarity is Xamarin Certified and builds all of our mobile apps via Xamarin.

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Mobile Application Development Platform

If you're looking to have someone build you a mobile application, ask them if they use PhoneGap. PhoneGap, recently acquired by Adobe (now called Cordova) is a developer platform that Clarity uses to build mobile applications. It allows us to build one code source, and allow PhoneGap to compile it to 12 different mobile platforms (iPhone 3G, 3GS/newer, Android, OS 5/6 (Blackberry), WebOS, WP7, Symbian, Bada). This means that we only charge you once to develop your application, no matter how many mobile devices you want to support. Click here for a list of features on each supported platform.

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Matrix Medical

FDA-approved, Patented Operating Room Mobile Application

There are more than $33Billion in lawsuits each year from surgeries where a surgeon accidentally left a scalpel, sponge or other article in a patient or operated on the left versus the right knee, etc. TRACTUS was invented to solve that. A software mobile app that could be used in the operating room to track everything the surgeon is doing and control and report on product recalls later and more. Clarity designed TRACTUS for mobile tablet use in the operating room, built on the Clarity eCommerce platform and it has been awarded a patent, UL certification and approved by the FDA. (Clarity client)

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