ACON Laboratories

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The Client

ACON Laboratories, Inc. provides a broad range of high quality and competitively priced medical diagnostic and healthcare products. With the launch of the lateral flow product line, ACON established a prominent name in the in vitro diagnostics industry for its high quality and innovative products. Along with the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China, ACON has expanded its product lines through extensive research and development, with a devotion to helping improve the health and well-being of patients around the world.


Existing Problems

The main problem was how to improve the care of diabetics. A diabetic has to lance their finger, use a test strip to test their blood glucose level, and then record that value in a notebook. Every six months they meet with their doctor to review. Sounds simple, but what happened during the 12 times their level was really high or really low during the six months? Does the patient remember everything they ate or did? Was it severe enough that the doctor needed to know when it was happening? The answer is yes. That’s what ACON was up against. That’s what Clarity helped solve.

Our Solutions

Clarity ended up building three separate HIPAA compliant apps. The first was the mobile app. This app was installed on a patient’s smart phone. ACON enabled their latest devices with Bluetooth. This allowed Clarity to build a pairing and sync function into the app. Now a patient simple launches their phone app and syncs their device anytime, and all of their readings from their phone get automatically pushed to the Doctor’s portal. The Patient can then “invite” a Doctor to view and edit their records as their Healthcare Provider. From the portal, caregivers can monitor their patients and are proactively notified when any of them are noticeably out of range. The Doctor can even set thresholds for each patient. The final app is a Windows app. ACON, in a humanitarian effort, wants to ship thousands of their devices to Africa. Each village has a clinic with a single computer. This application on that computer would allow the doctor to plug the device into the USB port, and use the device to monitor and treat the diabetes needs of an entire village.

ACON Laboratories

HIPAA Compliant Mobile App & Doctor’s Portal

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The Benefits

The first is the incredible improvement in the accurate and timely sharing of data between the diabetic and their doctor. Data entry mistakes, highs and lows that went un-noticed will become a thing of the past. Patients can control who has access to their records with a HIPAA compliant mobile app and Doctor’s portal. Finally, the humanitarian effort that ACON wants to launch can be a reality. Millions of people will have access to diabetic care that they didn’t have before. Doctor’s can easily monitor their diabetic patients every day instead of once every six months.




The mobile application was built in Xamarin. Microsoft's mobile development platform is powerful and at it's core, uses C#, which through purchased libraries, can compile on iOS, Android, etc. The Doctor portal core is on Clarity eCommerce, using DNN as the CMS. The custom .NET development was used for the Bluetooth sync to the device, as well as Infusion Sync for the graphical reporting capabilities. Microsoft Azure provides the HIPAA compliant hosting environment.

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