WooCommerce and Sage 100 Integration

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Benefits of a WooCommerce & Sage 100 Integration

WooCommerce and Sage 100 integrations can significantly increase a business's ability to scale and disrupt the competition in their market. Incorporating the two systems together can help the business achieve economies of scale.

Fortunately, Clarity's connect application can integrate these two systems seamlessly. Clarity leverages visual integrator, the business's object Interface, and where needed, direct database access. However, it is important to note that direct database access is not typically necessary for a robust Sage 100 and WooCommerce integration. Clarity's capabilities for incorporating entities from Sage 100 into WooCommerce are extensive. Ultimately, we can incorporate any entity with any fields, and any custom business logic that is necessary to automate your business's core processes.

Over time, we extend this automation to all of the processes between the Sage100 and WooCommerce applications. The way we use the visual integrator and the business object interface integrations differ based on the client's needs. Generally, the goal is to set up a strongly typed programmatic integration. So that whenever you upgrade your Sage 100, the integrations do not require significant (or any) updates. They would still be functional.

Product Data

Now, depending on the particular integration, Clarity has a lot of experience with the core entities of Sage 100 integration to WooCommerce. It includes things like products, product categories, dimensions, weight, and all the meta-data associated with the products. So basically, it would give you the ability to look at product inventory data, pricing data, customer-specific pricing data, tax data, etc. Essentially, you could pull in all the information tied to a product within Sage 100.


The Clarity Connect platform also works with webhooks. They allow real-time data integration between the Epicor rest endpoints for WCF endpoints or web services and WooCommerce.

Since webhooks allow for real-time data integration, we can set up task-based activities according to what makes the most sense. So, you will have a continual process that is just running every minute or every 15 minutes or every hour, et cetera.

Customer Data

We also work with customer information such as their multiple addresses, billing and shipping information, contact numbers, pricing information, and tax data. Moreover, Clarity also has experience dealing with more advanced customer data. It includes any purchase-related information on their account, their credit balance, and any special terms that might be there for them like tax exemption, etc.

The business can work closely with the customer record too. They would be able to pull in all of their past orders, including the ones that might have not originated in WooCommerce. So if there are any outstanding or open orders, the customers can pay for them using the WooCommerce checkout.

Apart from that, you can also pull in things like invoices from a customer record. So they can be marked as paid or quotes can be turned into orders, etc.

Order Information

We can pull out all the past order information as well as direct new orders from WooCommerce into Sage 100. Direct integration of the two systems allows data to flow seamlessly between the two.

You can also pull in any product category data, shipping data, and tax data that is in Sage 100. Ultimately, it will provide updates to WooCommerce and thereby, the end-user. They will get these updates via both email and the shipment status on the dashboard. If an order has a refund or replacement status, you can access that information too.

Persistent Cubase Task Model

We can integrate with any entity within Sage 100 to pull data into WooCommerce using the WooCommerce rest APIs.

The clarity connect platform can integrate with all the entities available within the WooCommerce rest API. If desired, we can also work with the legacy WooCommerce rest API.

The WooCommerce rest API works with WordPress rest API endpoints. So, it's authentication mechanism is the same as WordPress. The Clarity connect platform can work with this authentication mechanism off the shelf. It can work with other forms of hardening as well to ensure optimal security and performance for the connection between your Sage 100 ERP and WooCommerce rest API.

Some of the entities we work with within the WooCommerce rest API are:

  • Customer information- Any data associated with customers such as different addresses and past orders
  • Order data- It involves pulling in orders from Sage 100 to WooCommerce, and then updating them with relevant information, such as order notes or refunds
  • Product information- It includes product variations, attributes, categories, shipping classes, tags, product reviews, etc.
  • Reports- You can push and pull data for tax rates and tax classes. Then you may integrate the data with third party tax providers, such as Avalara tax jar

We can also set up webhooks to allow real-time integration with any entity that is available within the WooCommerce rest API. So, if you want the data integration between Sage 100 and WooCommerce to be real-time, the clarity connect platform can help with that too.

How Clarity can Help

Clarity WooCommerce Integration Experts

To conclude, the Clarity connect application is an extremely robust platform. It will allow your business to automate its core processes. Therefore, if you are looking to integrate WooCommerce with Sage 100, you should consider the Clarity connect platform. It can seamlessly connect the entities and automate processes that would otherwise be manual.

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