Benefits of a Multilingual Solution

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Benefits of a Multilingual Solution
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Benefits of a Multilingual International eCommerce System

International eCommerce is, without a doubt, the most logical and beneficial route any eCommerce business can take, in order to expand. But at the same time, it is also one of the most challenging things. Eyeing international eCommerce could possibly mean endless battles that a website and its team may face due to continuous, cutthroat competition in the market.

Not to forget, the local trends are also continually changing within different cultures/regions. There is an endless requirement to continuously evolve as per the current trends.

Therefore, it is safe to say that international eCommerce is just as challenging as it is rewarding.

Fine-Tune Your Platform For Your Audience

Targeting a Particular Region Through Language

An important goal of global eCommerce is to deliver maximum value by effectively focusing on the culture and needs of a particular region. Therefore, an essential requirement of international eCommerce is targeting a specific area through the language that is common there.

Now, it can be kind of challenging to keep in mind the basics of different languages. If you do not speak that language, you won’t be able to sell through it. So we recommend targeting your multilingual eCommerce efforts on a language that is already familiar to someone in your team. It does not have to be their native tongue. As long as they are fluent in that language, they can provide some fruitful feedback. They can tell you what feels right and what does not.

If possible, you can benefit from people who are native to or have a thorough understanding of the culture you are targeting. You do not necessarily have to hire these people full-time. It would be better to have them work on a contract to examine your global eCommerce application. Essentially, if you want your multilingual eCommerce system to be accurate, you need to hire people who can provide precise feedback about what is expected in a particular language or dialect.

Devising a Strategy

The Crawl, Walk, and Run Approach

Many strategies come under the crawl, walk, and run approach.

The idea is to begin with something basic and straightforward, something that works despite being imperfect (CRAWL).

From there, you can move to something better but still not the best version (WALK)

Keep on working towards making the process perfect. It may take some effort to achieve/implement a virtually perfect system (RUN)

You also have to keep the high costs and timeline in mind of reaching that level. Practically, with the crawl, walk, and run approach, you target the low hanging fruit first. The aim is to acquire it as fast as possible without spending as much.

Crawl, Walk, Run

How to Implement this Approach


For example, the crawl, would be implementing a Google Translate API or a script onto your website to translate its contents. The benefit of this is the extremely low overhead. It will not take more than an hour or two to set up this system effectively.

After this, your site will translate all the content and labels into the selected language. The exception to this is the text written on images. However, keep in mind, the translation may not be perfect since everything is getting translated by a computer.

While this may put off some users, it will enable many others to make a purchase. Also, a lot of people are already accustomed to sites using translation APIs. They are used to imperfect translations. Since it is not a functionality issue, it will definitely not prevent them from making a purchase.


The “walk” step would involve doing some manual translating, such as site labels, but not translating everything.

Most labels in eCommerce sites are easily translatable. Moreover, the Clarity eCommerce platform already has translated labels in most of the popular languages. So when a user is going through your website, they can pick-up visual cues and get a general idea of what is going on even if they do not understand the language.

We think it is necessary to have the labels translated at the least. Otherwise, the user will be unable to navigate through your site.

Therefore the “walk” approach is very beneficial. It will ensure that everything on the site is accurately translated to the desired language. It will make the site easy to navigate and understand without involving any overhead and effort of converting all the product data and imagery.


Naturally, this step involves translating every aspect of the site to the desired language. It may include any images and possibly the URL too, so it reflects the country’s domain.

You may set up a subdomain or a subdirectory. So anything a user enters in his browser using your domain, it automatically switches to that region’s native language. The user may switch back or switch to another language, but ideally, there should be a location detection system set in place.

A significant benefit of this kind of optimization is that it offers an exponential return if the site is getting considerable traffic in that locality.

As your site continue to grow in that locality, you can hire people who live in that region to audit/translate your site’s labels, product data, as well as any digital marketing content. Many businesses offer international eCommerce multilingual translation services. Clarity has set up its translation capabilities in a way that makes it possible for these external developers or agencies to fix translations and make changes.

How Can Clarity Help

Clarity International eCommerce Experts

We encourage you to look into multilingual eCommerce systems.

As expected, it is quite a complex topic. It can be challenging to set up a structure for performing all these translations and then ensuring everything is up to date across different languages, countries, or websites. Therefore, we recommend employing the crawl, walk, and run approach.

If there are any questions, you may reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly team for a free consultation.