Listing eCommerce Products: How to Improve Your Product Catalog

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Admin – Listing Products Video Transcription

For many companies, listing a product means providing customers a way to purchase online. For many others, it’s much more. Listing a product is truly listing it, meaning that it’s rich SEO content is crawled by the search engines to help drive customers to the site to purchase it, like an online house listing.

A product has many things that can define it or that it can be associated with. A simple product starts with the name, skew or part number, a description and deciding whether the product is visible or not in the catalog.

Assigning images to a product gallery is as simple as drag and drop. You can also assign which of the images is the primary image. This is the one that shows up on a catalog search, grid view or product comparison. A couple tips would be to standardize your image size and background if possible, and remember if you use product zooming, upload clear and high enough resolution graphics.

Clarity provides unlimited attributes, both dependent and non-dependent, so there’s no shortage of creative ways you can use them. From simple descriptive fields and values, like specifications, notes, videos, warranties, brochures and more, to filterable attributes like size, price or industry, there’s a whole taxonomy available to you to explore.

Because SEO is so important, our unlimited categories can also have category landing pages with full on-page SEO configuration, and a WYSIWYG editor. categories can be configured in a hierarchy, with n-levels of child categories, and a tree-view control that allows you to assign each product to multiple categories.

Clarity provides three unique pricing models. From simple flat pricing to multi-tiered pricing with price break points, custom pricing rules, or integrating with your own pricing provider, no matter the pricing strategy, we’ve got a pricing model for you.