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Benefits of Clarity eCommerce for Small Businesses

Even SMBs need to perform as efficiently as major eCommerce marketers regardless of whether they sell retail, wholesale, or both in one or more online sales platforms. Clarity eCommerce provides affordable eCommerce solutions for companies selling B2B products, yet they need a solution that can integrate with Quickbooks, Salesforce, or an email marketing solution.

Clarity provides the development experience and skill to manage an online store, multi-store, multi-lingual, or currency, multiple catalogs, retail and wholesale sales, and sales on marketplace platforms like eBay, Amazon, and industry-specific platforms featuring multiple vendors. Integrating operational software with an online store enables many customer self-service functions, real-time catalog management, and a high degree of customization. Clarity has plenty of experience designing for both enterprise-level platforms and SMBs so that they can capitalize on global marketing.

Why a Robust Platform Is Necessary for eCommerce for Small Business

In today's economy, customers become increasingly spoiled by the benefits of technology. Consumers can order products on their phones, research businesses, and get answers to their questions 24/7. Back in 2014, a paradigm shift occurred. For the first time, online sales topped brick-and-mortar revenue during the Christmas holiday season. [1] In 2013, 45 percent of U.K. shoppers and 36 percent of U.S. shoppers bought products online, but the figures nearly doubled in 2014.

There's no going back to the pre-internet days barring some incredible catastrophe. Companies that want to compete in business need to meet the demands of their customers, and those include online sales, 24/7 access, self-service features, and fast, functional websites.

The Benefits of Site Development and Integration

The benefits of a professionally designed system of eCommerce for small businesses include managing multiple sales channels, automating self-service features for customers, streamlining management duties, and lowering daily operational costs. Some of the /top benefits include:

Lower Costs Across the Board

  • Technology and automation bring great efficiencies to businesses by streamlining operations and reducing paperwork. Integrating business software and applications enables information sharing among all operations. Staff and customers only enter information once, and it’s sent everywhere it needs to go.

Greater Revenue

  • Affordable eCommerce solutions generate increased revenue. The platforms work 24/7/365, and customers can place orders from any device including their phones. Business never closes, and customers can do other things on websites that lead to sales. Customer analytics can generate leads based on browsing behavior, past sales, and other benchmarks. Companies can even sell products on multiple sales platforms including SMB marketplaces that sell products from multiple vendors.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates

  • The more features that customers can use themselves, the greater their satisfaction will be. The user experience is very important in today’s marketing, and it takes a highly functional, navigable, persuasive, and robust platform, like Clarity eCommerce, to deliver consistently good UXs.

Easier and More Effective Marketing

  • Automation enables the collection of customer data that makes it easy to personalize marketing. Companies can offer custom incentives, special pricing tiers, seasonal recommendations, and marketing based on events, GPS proximity, and other points of reference.

Increased Social Connections

  • More and more customers buy products based on social media content, recommendations, and reviews of other members and company presences on their favorite social platforms. Customers can use social media to voice their opinions about companies, products, and services. A robust sales platform makes it easy to connect to social media and monitor these platforms for reviews, mentions, complaints, and relevant content that connect to their business.

Better Customer Service

  • Customer service is enhanced through greater two-way communications, self-service options, live chat, user-created wish lists, shopping lists, alerts, and other online services.

Enhanced Analytics

  • Enhanced Analytics allow planners to see who their best customers are, which areas of the website work and which don’t, how long customers spend on the site, and other critical information that allows designers to modify the site and content to increase conversion rates.

The Future of eCommerce and Your Business

ECommerce sales are growing between 10 and 19 percent annually, and reports show that about 80 percent of consumers have bought something online. [2] Those sales include B2B products, sales at SMB marketplaces, and sales in foreign markets.

Clarity Helps You Run Your Business Your Way

Clarity uses a modular eCommerce and integration platform that allows you to grow your business at your own pace and customize features based on the way that your business works. Getting professional development services for your small-to-medium-sized business means that your staff can collaborate with the developer and receive training in using technology to its maximum potential. You can grow your business by adding just the features you need. Give Clarity a call today to get a demo and talk about your eCommerce project.


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