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Using ECommerce Website Analytics to Increase Revenue


how to increase b2b e commerce revenue with platform analyticsYour customers will not always tell you how they interact with your website, and even if they could, they would find their opinions hard to articulate. This is why it's imperative, especially for eCommerce websites, to constantly monitor marketing KPIs for insights into both performance and consumer behavior.

Keeping track of eCommerce KPI performance can drastically increase sales as well as quickly stop the hemorrhaging of revenue due to a poor sales or checkout funnel. The best part of such web analytics monitoring is that it gives your marketing managers the ability to quickly adapt so as to capitalize on consumer and market trends.


Advanced eCommerce Website Analytics, All From One Dashboard


single platform enterprise e-commerce analytics | ClarityMany eCommerce enterprises use a variety of third party tools to monitor specific KPIs related to consumer behavior and sales optimization. These programs can range from the relatively simplistic yet powerful Google Analytics to the technically complex and advanced analytical programs like Click Dimensions and Kiss Metrics.

Clarity's eCommerce solution is to compile all this data into one simple, intuitive and powerful dashboard within your eCommerce platform. This increases enterprise eCommerce efficiency and allows your marketing team to view page level analytics in real time so as to immediately make the appropriate and necessary changes.

For a detailed rundown of KPIs that can be measured in Google Analytics as well as how to measure them, check out this article on the simplest ways to monitor the top 8 eCommerce website KPIs in Google analytics.

Some examples of the key eCommerce KPI's you can measure are: