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Advanced SEO

When Parts4Heating needed to find a way to use a dynamic parts catalog while still optimizing the results for display on search engines, they turned to Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ integration suite for our integration with an SEO prerendering/caching engine. No matter if it’s finding creative solutions for rendering dynamics part catalog or if it’s optimizing your page titles, Clarity eCommerce™ is ready to help you bring your page to the top of the results.

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For Horse Trailers, a new company starting up surrounded by larger competitors, effective marketing was an absolute necessity. Clarity eCommerce™ was able to bring the power of analytics for them and all affiliates, a customized notification system for potential clients and the ability to increase page value. Every business needs effective marketing to grow, and Clarity eCommerce™ has the tools to make that a reality.

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Social Media

Clarity eCommerce™ ships with optional social media integration capabilities for social media based registration and login as well as sharing and following within the user experience. Although some business environments don't specifically target this functionality or benefit directly from it, Clarity has enabled the functionality for those Clients who need a seamlessly integrated social media enriched experience for their end users.

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