Taking eCommerce Beyond the Next Level


The Perfect Partnership

What happens when you take the most secure and scalable CMS and create an eCommerce platform from scratch with the idea to have virtually no limitations? Clarity eCommerce™! It took over five years to build, and we've been perfecting it ever since. It's been in production for some of our clients for almost four years. We've even got a B2B client that has been running over 1Million SKUs in a single store, processing over 50,000 transactions a week, with over $100M a year in transactions. That's scale!

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There are other DNN eCommerce solutions out there, but the only other two that are viable either don't work (we've tried, our clients have tried, and this is why we built our own platform), or it looks and works great, if you're a B2C, SMB less than 1,000 SKUs and you don't plan on much growth or business automation. Clarity's first project, over 10 years ago, was a B2B eCommerce site with a back-office Oracle ERP integration. We started in the technical "deep end," and have played there ever since. Of over 1,000 websites built, over 800 have been on DotNetNuke (DNN), and as a global Top5 DNN Gold certified partner, we're still building them every day.

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Comprehensive Admin

When Horse Trailers needed to provide for their overall site managers and individual site managers with the data and control they needed, they turned to Clarity eCommerce™ for its best-in-class Admin functions. Clarity eCommerce™ makes sure you have direct control over all aspects of your eCommerce implementation at the click of the button.

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