Clarity’s eCommerce Product Architecture Is Built For Adaptation, Not Stagnation. ecommerce product architecture

Clarity Ventures set out to build its groundbreaking eCommerce platform because we kept noticing the same problem:

Traditional eCommerce solutions are static, while consumer behavior and preferences are dynamic.

This dichotomy creates a push-pull scenario in which B2B and enterprise level clients constantly struggle to provide the functionality, interactivity, and streamlined user experience their customers demand. Ultimately, such an untenable situation forces businesses to make one of two choices: either spend thousands of dollars to “rip ‘n replace,” their entire eCommerce architecture, or perpetually operate at a competitive disadvantage.

Clarity eCommerce Offers Your Business A Better Way.

Clarity’s advanced eCommerce architecture is designed to adapt to the evolving needs of your customers and your business. We’ve achieved this functionality by rethinking the status quo and then building an industry-best platform from the ground up. The result is a multi-tiered and highly optimized eCommerce solution that delivers back-end performance while driving front-end sales. Additionally, each layer of architecture can be independently modified, updated, or replaced. That means no more paying for massive system overhauls, and no more worrying about whether or not a new change to an application, service, or transportation layer will disharmonize platform integration.

Take A Look Under The Hood And See The Building Blocks That Make Clarity eCommerce Roar:

C# Business Workflows

Get total BPM Automation while enjoying the agility and flexibility required to proactively monitor and modify existing processes. Advanced insights provide transparency to workflow, which in turn provides you with the intelligent data needed to optimize business processes.

.Net Based Back-end

Simplified deployment means your workflow is agile, flexible, and easily integrated with new and existing clients.

MS SQL Database

Allowing for the safe, easy, and reliable storage and retrieval of your data as requested by other software applications.

Web API Service Layer

Seamless integration between diverse clients for better workflow and dynamic, optimized platform functionality.

jQuery UI and Consumption of Service Layer

Using jQuery UI gives your customers a highly interactive, fully streamlined web application while simplifying consumption of service and keeping expenses down.

Multi-Tier Platform

Allows for the easy modification, enhancement, and optimization of each layer of the platform – independent of the others. This provides significant cost-savings to your business because you no longer need to “rip ‘n replace” your eCommerce architecture every three years. Instead, simply make changes to specific tiers as necessary, and never worry about running an outdated or underperforming platform again.

Always On Capability

Always on capability and advanced failover systems mean every tier of your eCommerce platform is protected from site interruptions and costly downtime.

Azure Cloud and Amazon S3 Ready

Enjoy additional backup, protection, and speed through easy integration with the cloud.

Extensive Indexing and Optimization

Optimizing the indexing process means rapid supply of back-end data changes to your front-end with minimal loading or delays.

Microsoft Enterprise Framework

Clarity eCommerce harnesses the full power of the Microsoft Enterprise Library to standardize data access, logging, exceptions handling, and other crucial processes.

Commenting and Detailed Documentation

Simple commenting features make modifications, changes, and enhancements easy. Plus, Clarity eCommerce comes with detailed documentation that provides an extensive overview of platform software.

Highly Extensible Code Base

You no longer have to worry about the expenses of rewriting code, or integrating new applications, software, and UI enhancements. Our dynamic and agile eCommerce product architecture was designed to make the addition of new constructs painless.

Marketing Centris

Go beyond simple analytics through Marketing Centris. Implement ongoing survey programs for a constant flow of user feedback and use this data to optimize front-end performance while increasing conversions and sales.

Built-in Integration APIs

Sometimes simpler is better. Clarity eCommerce comes with built-in integration of leading APIs like Google Checkout, Amazon Store, and PayPal.

Clarity’s eCommerce product architecture was designed specifically to provide the flexibility and agility your business needs. Leveraging this first-of-its-kind platform means now it only takes a few days to make the changes in functionality that your customers demand—not a few months. And with one of the most powerful and integrated eCommerce solutions in the market, you’ll enjoy constant optimization while reducing your technology spending substantially.

Want to find out even more ways Clarity puts your business in the drivers seat through fully integrated eCommerce solutions?