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When a corporation wants to implement or upgrade an eCommerce website, it has special needs for robust functionality, workflows, integrations, user workflow, fulfillment, shipping, etc. These options aren't offered by the simple eCommerce offerings on the market, and this is exactly the problem that Clarity eCommerce™ is meant to solve. While those "off-the-shelf" products were built for small businesses, Clarity eCommerce was built from the beginning for the mid to large / enterprise sized companies that are dedicated to a powerful platform that serves their business and their customers well today, but can be heavily customized for their complex business as it grows and changes in the future.

Clarity eCommerce Multi-store platform

The Power of a Commercial eCommerce Platform

"No matter how much data or custom formatting you have in your current CRM or ERP, Clarity will make it integrate with your eCommerce platform"

Clarity eCommerce is a Commercial Enterprise eCommerce platform

Commercial eCommerce Advantages

The advantages of Clarity eCommerce for the corporation or enterprise are significant when dealing with product offering management, complex data handling, integrations, marketing and SEO for large sites, etc. Where other shopping cart softwares bend and break over 1 million SKUs and with custom workflows, Clarity eCommerce shines.

ERP & CRM Integration Suite

Many commercial eCommerce setups need the ability to integrate with current business applications such as a custom ERP or CRM, or one of the many industry standard platforms such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Oracle, SugarCRM, Zoho, etc. No matter how much data or custom formatting you have in your current CRM or ERP, Clarity will make it integrate with your eCommerce platform.

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A Commercial Platform to Manage 500 Stores Globally

Multi-store Global Store Administration Made Easy

New Horizons Computer Learning Center needed an eCommerce platform that would support over 500 stores. The main issue is that they needed the ability for corporate to push and publish updates to every franchise store, yet allow each store to automatically accept or reject pushes, product updates, price changes, etc. They also needed each store to be able to set their own prices, translate their own languages, customize their own store experience based on their global location and business needs. That's where Clarity eCommerce fit the bill.

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