Omni-Channel Affiliate Model

When the HorseTrailers team approached Clarity they presented a compelling business model that would revolutionize a gaping hole in their industry, and they needed a solution with the depth to deliver not just an immersive eCommerce catalog, product search, filtering and reviews experience but also to expand that capability to independent dealers in a self-managed affiliate model. With the Clarity eCommerce™ platform the HorseTrailers team has visibility into each affiliate from a reporting and analytics vantage enabling granular nurturing and development activities as well as a rich experience for each affiliate to allow the top performers to rise to the top. Let your top performers rise up as well.

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Multi-Tenant Model

The FormsLTD team needed a multi-tenant solution that would allow independent customization of stores within the overall store framework. Clarity eCommerce™ delivered on a robust platform with digital and physical product sales options and extensive customization per store within the platform to enable effectively infinite scalability of the Client’s business model. The software architecture enables hardware and performance scaling by leveraging a multi-tenant eCommerce solution off the shelf.

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When the Eligo team shared their vision with Clarity there were components of being able to deliver a consistent presentation across multiple channels – delivery via the web site, the mobile site, and synching with affiliate locations to enable them to present their up to date product information consistently across all channels. The Clarity eCommerce™ solution delivers a platform that enables the retailer affiliates to manage their store inventory data, pricing and available products to sync their channels and ensure customers receive a consistent messaging throughout their experience.

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