Improved Checkout with Quick Add and Split Shipping

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Improved Checkout with Quick Add & Split-Shipping

Clarity eCommerce Framework (CEF) is our solution for businesses that are looking for a customizable platform that fits their needs. Clarity eCommerce was built as a modular platform, rather than an off-the-shelf product which allows us to select which modules our clients need. Our quick-add feature makes purchasing faster and easier for buyers. We built a custom UI that allows you to split ship, an enormous benefit for customers who need items shipped to multiple locations without needing to check out twice.

Improved Checkout Video Transcript

Clarity eCommerce is designed with better UI / UX in mind - Making it easier for clients and buyers to easily purchase being the goal. One such feature is our quick add, which allows you to type in any part of a products SKU, name or description in the search box, and predictive results will show you the products matching your entry, providing you single-click add to cart.

Now that we’ve added a product, let’s increase it to 10 units. We’re going to purchase and ship these to multiple locations.

Verifying our billing address, and going onto shipping, we’re provided a custom UI that allows us to either enter a new address or select from our address book. I’m going to select my first address, then click on the plus to add another. I select the second address and you can see that it automatically took 1 unit from my total of 10.

I can then add additional units to either address and the UI automatically adjusts the other so the total matches the cart total.

From there, I’ll choose FedEx for the first address, and use UPS for the second.

The cart auto-splits the order so that we can track the shipping for each order. Clicking into the Order History, you can see that we can view the shipping details. In this case, since we have multiple parts of the order, it provides a link to the Sales Order, which tracks any and all parts of an order, from quote to return, then invoice, and more.

So there’s Clarity’s out-of-the-box quick order and split shipment option.

Thanks for watching.