Design • Development

The Client

The APPIC non-profit website refresh (two refreshes over the last four years) and their membership, e-mail invoicing, & conference registration system resulted in a modern, credible web-presence and improved key business systems. The main results for the project were an automated membership invoicing and online payment system to dramatically improve membership renewals as well as a conference registration system to streamline the annual conference process.


Existing Problems

The APPIC team needed a more automated process for managing their 700-800 members and the otherwise manual processes they had to complete to register members for their annual conference, renew membership fees, and complete other manual processes. The APPIC team also needed a way to leverage the powerful aspects of a non-profit content management system to enable easy updates and the ability to version and publish stage website changes until they were board reviewed. Finally, the APPIC team desired a new look and feel for overall web-site re-design.


The Benefits

APPIC achieved improved eCommerce site traffic and lead generation in addition to instant credibility with optimized corporate website design. They also saw reduced turnaround time from intregrated leads with internal sales and increased retention from vistors due to improved layout optimization. The second refresh added not only a fresh design, but mobile responsiveness to handle their increasing mobile visitors.




Microsoft's Classic ASP for custom non-profit website's conference and membership registration development. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for database. DNN Evoq (DotNetNuke) Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Certified search engine optimization to deliver top SEO results. Custom design for consistent branding sitewide. Application hosting and performance testing to ensure scalability. HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap deliver the mobile responsive template on the latest refresh of the site.

aspnet bootstrap css3 evoq html5 mssql