The Newton Group

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The Client

The Newton Group online enterprise eCommerce and corporate design refresh project resulted in dramatically improved automation for the Newton team. The key results for the project were enabling a long-term, modern standards database framework for the Newton Group's online sales B2B Portal and integrating seamlessly with a legacy backend system. The system ultimately resulted in enabling customers from all over the country to place orders online and automatically process orders for patients each at their own mailing address. The system also enabled the ability to check past orders and account balances and make deferred payments if needed and increased online sales from less than $400,000 to almost $200Million in less than four years.


Existing Problems

The Newton Group team needed a full solution provider who could deliver not just technical backend developers and programming expertise, but also front-end design and branding to ensure a complete online presence for their 2,700 B2B eye care professionals. The new business to business eCommerce and online shopping cart system had to integrate securely to a legacy backend system with systematic updates. In addition, the new custom product catalog system needed to serve as the framework for the Newton team's long-term order management and product inventory system. Finally, they needed a secure, custom user experience that would transform their business and give them a competitive advantage.

Our Solutions

In order to deliver against the project requirements, Clarity met with the Newton Group's operations and development teams several times to set a clear plan for resolving each of the Newton Group's needs. Clarity delivered a complete site refresh including a custom corporate website re-design, an enterprise level ASP.Net B2B eCommerce system and secure integration to legacy backend inventory and order tracking tools. This enabled the Newton team to scale quickly as they transitioned into the online ordering system going forward. Clarity also delivered several key components for customer service including: past order history, advanced account management options, purchase order and invoice based billing systems, and a Newton Group contact form with stubs for integration in CRM framework and business intelligence reporting.

The Newton Group

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The Benefits

The automation and product catalog integration to backend systems dramatically improved internal processes. The new improved look and feel (custom quick orders, product view, split shipping cart, role-based secure user management, BI reporting) and seamless branding across Newton Group's online presence gave the sales force improved customer relations and helped drive new sales. The overall site performance improvements from an ordering and integration perspective drove new sales to $200Million a year and new opportunities for their B2B partners.




DNN Evoq, ASP.NET, JQuery, ajax, Telerik controls, HTML5 and CSS3 are just a few of the technologies Clarity used to build their site. MS ASP.Net for custom B2B product ordering-catalog and Clarity eCommerce™ platform development. Clarity Connect™ is used for the MAS 90 and custom database integrations. Custom SQL reports for BI data exporting. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for database performance. DNN Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Certified search engine optimization to deliver top SEO results. Custom design for consistent branding site-wide.

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