Leon County Government of Florida

Design • Development

The Client

Leon County serves a population of 300,000 residents. With seven commissioners, 63 public agency departments, and hundreds of government employees, they needed a website that could handle the communication and services amongst their county.


Existing Problems

Leon County had been working for years to finally get a website that could handle and service all of their needs. And although they finally built a site that worked, it had taken so long to build that it was on older technology that wasn’t mobile responsive. That meant that it was unusable for nearly half of their visitors. So they approached Clarity and asked them to build a mobile site, providing that customized experience for mobile users.

Our Solutions

Clarity, being a DNN partner and having built nearly 1,000 DNN websites, was perfect for the job. They worked with the county to match and improve on the design, so it flowed well with their branding guide, but introduced tons of new technologies and controls to make it easy to find what a user needed within the thousands of documents, departments, events, commissioners.

Leon County Government of Florida

People Focused. Performance Driven.

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The Benefits

The county wanted to move pretty quickly, so Clarity went straight into design and discovery to document and solidify the exact technologies that would be used. We built the site within the client’s 2-month timeline and was within the approved budget. The user navigation and controls are so good, that the site works better than their existing site. Users can now find anything they need, register noise complaints, waste pick up, and much more. Leon County was so happy that they came back to Clarity to build their Intranet site, serving their government employees.




Clarity built the site on DNN Evoq platform. We used HTML5, CSS3, Modernizr, JQuery, JavaScript and Telerik controls for the mobile site, responsive capabilities, and various functions, like the calendar, inquiry forms, etc.

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