Tillamook County Library

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The Client

Up in Oregon, there’s fun in the water and it's infectious! The Tillamook County Library is much more than books, they’re a way of life, providing social events, online research materials, computer training classes, rental space for meetings, as well as everything a typical library provides. But it all started back in 1907, as a resolution to provide free public access to books, magazines and supplies. The initial investment was $300 for all supplies and the librarian’s salary. How far they’ve come in 100+ years!


Existing Problems

With their explosive growth, came the problems of communicating to tens of thousands of people and organizing materials and events for them. They needed a website that could provide, manage and communicate everything to their large community. They also have roughly 50% of their community accessing their site from tablets and phones, in both English and Spanish. They also have multiple libraries and a book mobile that travels around and they needed a place where everyone could easily find and get directions to any of them.

Our Solutions

Clarity first had to come up with a design that was welcoming to the young and old alike. From there, we built a custom template that is mobile responsive so that desktops and mobile devices all have the same access and great experience. The site needed to provide extensive event marketing and registration, sign-ups for library cards, their book/magazine catalog (custom categorization and search capabilities), locations and hours of service, provide registration of classes and spaces, and specialized areas for the kids and teens so everyone has their own unique experience.

Tillamook County Library

Libraries are Gateways to the Mind...

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The Benefits

The community now has a customized multi-lingual website, that provides unique experiences for kids, teens, parents, as well as the whole community. The site showcases all of their community events, and gives the community access to computer classes, library resources, class and meeting rooms, no matter if their at home on their computer, or mom’s on her phone at the park looking for a yoga class. Anyone can sign up on the site for his or her library card, search for and reserve books ahead of time, so they know it will be in when they get there, and with the addition of live chat, they can ask questions of the librarian from anywhere.




Clarity start with DNN’s Evoq platform as the CMS, building a custom mobile responsive template using HTML5 and CSS3. Modernizr was used so that the site's CSS could respond to browser behavior. JavaScript and jQuery were both developed to achieve particular site functions such as the custom menu. DNN modules, both 3rd party and custom, were used for events, registration forms, Live Chat and much more.

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