If your organization currently operates as a membership-based company, it may be possible to further increase your revenues through the development of a Membership Directory Website.

Examples of Popular Membership Directory Sites

There are several popular kinds of membership directory websites that have had success in the market:

  • Providers of specialized business software such as Microsoft and Intuit offer the ability to become members of the preferred providers list upon completing necessary steps to become a member. One of the many perks to this membership in a directory of local area providers.
  • Lawyers from various states are required to pass the bar exam for the respected area. Once they are a member of the bar association, their name is listed online through a membership website directory.
  • Colleges and Universities often have alumni organizations that include access to a membership directory once you pay to become a member of their group.
  • Civic and Community Organizations often provide access to membership directories that list their various business and individual members

Non-Profit Company Membership Directory Websites

At Clarity, we already have a handful of clients that fit the bill as a Non-Profit Company providing a membership directory through the website (as one of their many functions as a NP Company). If you’re running a Non-Profit company right now that’s in the business of providing accreditation or membership for a particular industry and service practice, our team of developers know exactly what needs to be done to develop the right directory for your needs. For an example of a non-profit company we’ve provided a membership directory for, check out or portfolio page for APPIC.

Advantages of Developing a Member-Only Online Directory

There are several benefits to developing a directory for your membership company or organization with Clarity:

  • You can charge not only a membership fee, but also an additional fee for listing in the membership
  • You can offer premium listings for an additional fee
  • We can help you get wide-spread visibility of your directory through effective search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns
  • We can enable features specific for your industry or organization
  • We can design specialized add-ins such as rating and review systems and interactive maps, providing the best and most current information to your end user

If you want to learn more about what we’ve done for organizations and companies across the US and internationally to further their membership directory projects, please contact our business development team today.