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Whether using API, EDI, Db, web services, whatever, Clarity Connect integrates all your ERP, CRM, EMR-EHR, Shipping, Payment and Inventory applications. Cloud-based or on-premises, batched or real-time, we get you connected!

Product Features


Product Features

  • Clarity has built over 100 connectors for most of the mainstream ERP, CRM and EHR/EMR platforms. We also have protocol connectors for Database, EDI, XML/SOAP, REST, HL7v2, OData and others.

  • Data Optimization

    The Clarity Connect platform leverages data analysis via caching and hashing that enables dramatic reduction in data processing for most line of business applications we integrate with.

  • Real-time and Batch

    The Clarity Connect platform has capabilities for extremely precise cron job based scheduled tasks that can be discrete or joined with multiple workflows. Connect also allows for real-time, publish/subscribe and trigger based jobs.

  • Queuing

    The Clarity Connect platform leverages an enterprise queue based persistence model for jobs. If a line of business application is offline then the queue will maintain the job until the job is successfully completed.

  • Flexible Pricing

    The Clarity Connect platform has flat pricing options for the most common integrations: pricing details. The Connect integration platform also has one-time and monthly payment options as well as robust customization and flexible pricing for extremely robust jobs.

  • Monitoring

    The Connect platform enables a robust, enterprise level monitoring interface that allows for real-time and historical tracking. The integration platform also enables notifications, percentage completion, and email/distribution lists to monitor jobs and status.


Clarity Connect comes with an Administrative UI, that provides access to all the processing queues, logging, summary dashboard, server status, and error handling screens. This allows you to see how and when your data is transferring between your integrated applications.








The platform is easily extensible, ensuring fast development of new integration components with minimal efforts. It also ?Connect is designed by developers, for developers. Written in C#, using Visual Studio, you can easily load the connectors into your Repo to customize and extend the functionality of each integration. a nice playground for building new products and services.



Connect is designed by developers, for developers. Written in C#, using Visual Studio, you can easily load the connectors into your Repo to customize and extend the functionality of each integration.


Each connector is well laid-out, allowing you to customize and adjust your data sets collected and forwarded


No matter the format (i.e. database, API, HL7, etc.) or protocol (i.e. REST, SOAP, JSON, etc.), Connect has a connector and can integrate your endpoints


The dashboard provides an error-handling interface to help diagnose and address issues

Powerful integrations into your business

All of our integration solutions can be customized to work alongside any back office infrastructure. Click the options below to explore all of the benefits.

Popular Questions & Answers

  • How are the integrations priced?

    We have options for every business with the most common being our one-time pricing for a faster ROI. You can also take advantage of an iPaaS model, or Integration Platform as a Service, as well as finances options to spread the cost over a 1-5 year period, or even deferring payments to a specific fiscal budget.

  • What is an XML integration?

    XML (eXtensible Markup Language) has been around for a very long time. It's typically associated with SOAP/WebServices, which typically utilize XML as a data format. The XML integration, thereforce, will typically leverage these common formats and include a definition for the entities and fields associated with the XML data.

    This definition of the entities and fields allows for "reflection" or reviewing the list of entities and fields such that the integration platform can associate these definitions with the desired workflows and integrations. Although there are other protocols for the data integration, XML is very standard and capable of enabling the most common needs for an integration.

    As an additional note, cXML or Commerce XML, is also very common with standard integrations with eCommerce platforms. The Clarity Connect integration platform is capable of handling cXML as well as other formats that are specialized in a similar way.

  • What is an EMR or EHR integration?

    An EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or EHR (Electronic Health Records) system enables for organization wide management of patient, staff/caregiver, and overall appointment, recordkeeping, lab results, procedure, and accounting, supply, etc. management for healthcare organizations.

    An EMR/EHR integration enables secure access to sub-sets of the necessary EMR/EHR data to allow for seamless integration between systems that need that data and vice versa (i.e. ensuring the EMR/EHR is kept up to date from external systems).

  • Where is Connect installed?

    The Clarity Connect integration platform is hostable in the Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.) as well as on-premise. The Clarity team offers robust hosting set-up and configuration/installation resources or the Clarity team will provide hosting or help set-up hosting for the Connector application if desired.

    In many cases, Clarity will set up white-glove installation and support. Similarly, many times, Clarity's Cloud Connect hosting enables a robust integration platform as a service (iPAAS) option that works best for Clients. Ultimately, it's up to your team as to how you'd prefer to operate the hosting and configuration from a set up and IT infrastructure perspective - Clarity Connect can handle cloud, on-premise or other hybrid hosting models. The Connector platform is also capable of robust scaling and redundancy options as well (load-balancing, high-availability, failover, etc.).

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