Compare Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, SL and GP ERP systems (Part 1)

Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, SL and GP ERP systems

What sets them apart and which one is right for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics Family of Line of Business Applications

Implementation of an ERP system is a large but incredibly impactful decision for any company. One of the most recognized names in software is Microsoft, and the ERP offerings from the Microsoft Dynamics line of business applications are among the most widely used in the world. With options for 5 person Advertising Companies all the way to 1000+ person Wholesale Distribution corporations, and everything in between, Microsoft has your company covered.

Many advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics Suite are common across each program. Among those advantages, the familiarity of the interface to anyone that has used Microsoft programs (e.g. Internet Explorer, Microsoft office) is immediately apparent. The entire Microsoft Dynamics Suite also carries the pedigree of Microsoft’s extensive software history. This is even more apparent due to the use of Microsoft’s SQL Server for the database of all Microsoft Dynamics Products.

And although each offering in the Dynamics family has different levels of implementation, they all share a robust offering of customizations throughout each program. This can vary from simple field additions or naming to entire layout and workflow changes.

Microsoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX is the flagship ERP offering from Microsoft, aimed at providing global ERP support for the largest companies. A few example industries served by Dynamics AX are: Global organizations, oil/gas & utilities, technology, hospitality, and healthcare. Mid-size support is also available, the software is designed for anywhere from 500 users to 1000+. The benefits of AX become most apparent on a global scale, and using incredibly powerful real time reporting to have insight into operations that may span the globe. Adding to the reporting features are multi-language, multi-currency and multi-country support to ensure that all of your company’s offices are integrated with the rest of the company. Learn more about integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX…

Microsoft Dynamics NAVMicrosoft Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is a primarily mid-size (50-750 person companies) ERP offering from Microsoft, aimed at supporting manufacturing, professional services, retail, and other mid-size distribution, supply chain management and services markets. International support with multi-language functionality is included natively. Customization is taken to another level with Dynamics NAV, with a role based interface to ensure that data is being presented in order of significance to those who need it, and full developer modification support to add flexibility and functions that are not standard with NAV. Learn more about integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV…

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