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The Clarity Ventures Website Development Workflow

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Whether you are using Wordpress, DotNetNuke, or a custom web development solution, our personal attention begins with our very first meeting with you as a Clarity Ventures Client. We will introduce you to our team of highly skilled specialists, address any questions or concerns you have, review our project management tools, and make sure you understand both how we work and how you can contribute collaboratively to your project. Our philosophy is that the best websites are directed by active and involved clients who understand the scope and goals of their project.

Wireframe & Structural Development

A great website, like an impressive building, needs a strong foundation. For this reason we aggressively lead with the structural basis of your website. Prior to tinkering with color and style, we focus on site organization. We help you identify the elements that are essential to a website that will work for you. Finally, we lay out the framework of your homepage. Using this we build the wire-frame, or skeleton for your website. After some back-and-forth, we should have a fully realized front page, but bereft of design and style.


Design is often the most fun, yet most challenging part of the development process. During this phase, we will work to incorporate your existing identity (if you have one) and compliment it with modern and user friendly elements. Our goal-oriented design process helps ensure your websites are functional as well as appealing. We are eager to absorb your input, and put forward some creative suggestions of our own. During this phase we will create 2-3 unique layouts for your consideration. In the penultimate design phase we will work with you to select the best elements of each and combine them into a single working draft. Finally, we will revise the working draft per your suggestions as many times as needed (and as time and budget allows).

Site Template

In this key phase, your unique design becomes a working website. We build a custom theme (also known as a template or skin) just for you using your Content Management System (CMS) of choice. We will incorporate your design into a functional and flexible system that you can use to edit content, add or remove pages, organize flow, upload pictures and much more. This custom framework ensures that your website will be able to flex and grow along with you and your company.

Content Import

Now that your website is essentially built, we can add your unique text and images. We will get you started by adding your existing website’s content, or instead by using well organized contributions. We use state of the art techniques to ensure that your message is conveyed consistently and cleanly. When finished, you will not only have a nearly complete website, but you will have a myriad of templates to reference as you continue to expand and edit your site in the future.

Special functions

During this, the most individualized phase, a host of specialized front and back-end functions are added and customized.

Common features are newsletters, e-commerce stores, image galleries, news feeds members areas and more. Often we use existing solutions that are suited to your needs and configure and install them to seamlessly fit your website. In addition, when possible and appropriate we include user-friendly interfaces that allow you to maintain, modify and adjust all your unique functional enhancements. Whatever your specific needs are, we work hard to smoothly and seamlessly integrate them with the rest of your project.

Wrapping up and Launch

Launches come in a few flavors. Most often, we replace your existing website with the one we’ve been developing. Sometimes we update your hosting, or change the programs that run your hosting service. Whatever your unique needs, we go through a complete checklist to ensure that your website is delivered completely and efficiently.

Maintenance, SEO and ongoing development.

At Clarity, we love long-term relationships. The best websites don’t grow stale and outdated over time, but are consistently and proactively maintained, grown and adjusted. This process isn’t only better for your users, but its kinder to your bottom line than rebuilding from scratch every few years. We are more than happy to provide maintenance, training and consultation to keep your website, and your business, flourishing.

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