Our goal at Clarity is to design solutions that make it possible for our clients to meet their goals with ease. This means having detailed conversations with them about their workflow and spotting holes where their process may be lagging or inefficient. Because we’re entrepreneurs at heart, when we notice that lag, we thrive on the possibilities that open up to maximize efficiency and leave our clients with an even more well-oiled machine than the one they started with.


Innovation Is Not Just for Our Clients

Because of this spirit of innovation, a common side effect of writing code for our clients is that often, our developers will note processes that can be cleaned up not for the clients, but for the developers themselves. When this happens the developer will aptly craft a solution and most likely open that solution up to other developers across the world. The following is one such solution, crafted by Clarity developer Zak after he noticed some holes within traditional CSS code programming.

The Issue: An Inefficient CSS Solution to a Simple Problem

When a client came to Zak with a mockup for a simple three-column page layout, the solution should have been easy. However, given the nature of the style, the varying blocks of text created an inconsistent appearance on the page, which would have detracted from the visually compelling appeal of the overall design.

equal heights before

Zak noted that there are certain shortcomings within CSS; sometimes solutions that seem trivial in concept are not easy in practice. This was one such occasion: the code that would have fixed the problem was long-winded and unnecessarily complicated.

The Development: A New Block of JQuery Code

To resolve the issue for other developers and himself, Zak wrote a dynamic block of Javascript code. When a developer pastes in the code, an imbalanced three-column layout with various lengths of text will automatically default to the length of the longest piece of text.

 equal heights: after

The result? A clean, attractive page design backed by a simple, efficient, and easily replicable piece of code. And given the tight-knit and open-source community of developers, this piece of code is now available for developers everywhere. This is just one more example of the ways in which innovation permeates everything we do here at Clarity.


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