Boedeker Plastics

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The Client

Since 1984, Boedeker Plastics, Inc. is dedicated to supplying their valued customers with plastic & composite sheet, rod and tube and precision machined plastic parts backed by service and support. They serve many different industries, some of which include: Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical, Food Processing, Semiconductor, along with many others. This has helped them maintain their business growth during lean times when one or more of these industries has gone through a downturn. Their customers range from startups to large multinational corporations. The materials and parts they supply and manufacture help solve challenging problems in critical applications related to corrosion, wear resistance, weight reduction, temperature extremes, and other areas.


Existing Problems

When Boedeker first approached Clarity, they didn't have an online eCommerce presence. Their plastics were complex enough that they couldn't find an easy way to allow customers to custom order made-to-order or CAD file CNC machined products. Their site was also close to 10 years old, needed some heavy updating and they wanted to integrate their new eCommerce portal to their back office Infor Syteline ERP so they could automate the creating of orders, pull product pricing, push invoices and more automatically. Finally, they had no real SEO value being offered from the existing site and wanted the new portal to help drive new traffic and business to the many industries that they serve.

Our Solutions

The biggest issue we had to figure out how to deal with was the non-standardized product data with the literally hundreds of custom fields and attributes for each product. Once we had a content architecture and standardized product data, we built out a custom eCommerce implementation with tons of custom attribute filters. This was not optimal, but required by the client as their clients have been purchasing that way for decades. So Clarity built the filters, but then backed it up with a Product Selection Wizard as well. We then used Clarity Connect to do a real-time bi-directional integration to their Infor ERP. The final development piece was to add the ability to handle multiple different ways to order the same piece of plastic (rod, tube, film, sheet, custom, upload your own CAD-CAM template, custom cuts, etc.), and be able to price out each and all of those custom scenarios. To help drive traffic to the site, Clarity eCommerce provides SEO configurable meta tags for each product, as well as each category.

Boedeker Plastics

Plastics ~ The Boedeker Way

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The Benefits

There were many benefits from the new site. One was that their users could now easily find and see what products matched a number of custom attributes (i.e. chemical resistant, up to 500 degrees, tensile strength X and FDA approved) within a few seconds using the new product selection wizard. The custom-colored product icons in the catalog show what forms each product comes in (rod, tube, film, sheet, profile, custom, etc.), and when choosing each form, the order wizard changes to ask just the appropriate questions required to complete the order. Clarity helped to configure and fill out all the product SEO meta data, and Clarity eCommerce automatically created both the product and category sitemap XML files to be registered with Google Webmaster Tools. Because of the many ways and industry they service, Clarity helped design a multi-path navigation so that users could search by letter, name, industry and more to ensure customers could easily find, then order their custom parts. It has been so successful, that their traffic is way up, bounce rate way down and online orders are streaming directly into their ERP. Finally, Boedeker spends a ton of money on taking expensive photos of their products and didn't want their competitors to steal and use their images. Clarity disabled the ability to right-click on all images, then built an engine that places the Boedeker watermark over any product image displayed on the site. Anyone crawling or trying to steal photos with end up with copyrighted, watermarked images.




The CMS is DNN Evoq platform, with Clarity Connect providing the integration to Infor, Clarity eCommerce providing the eCommerce platform. The front end uses HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Telerik, Kendo controls and it's all stored and secured in an MSSQL database.

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