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The Client

TaxPoint has created a fast, easy-to-use online income tax preparation web application. They offer a free version, for those with just a 1040 EZ form up to very complex tax preparation for companies, all online, at an affordable price. Best thing is that you can do it on your time, any time of the day. They just needed a website to market it, and someone who could design their tax estimation software to look good and work well.


Existing Problems

TaxPoint was almost done with their application and was preparing it for prime time. The only issue was that they were developers, not designers. They needed some help on designing the look and feel of their application (i.e. which controls and colors to use, do we use drop-down, check boxes or sliders?). Clarity’s lead designer took on the challenge and designed the UI/UX for their online refund estimation calculator. We then built them a website to market their application, provide answers and technical support and transact the sales of their product.

Our Solutions

Clarity started with the UI/UX, picking colors, controls, layout and more so their developers could be working on building the design into their application while Clarity built them a site. Clarity built them a site on DNN Evoq Professional, using two production licenses for load balancing and performance. We also helped optimize the pages for SEO, and provided a small bit of training so the TaxPoint team could take on all the future work inhouse.


Your taxes done right.

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The Benefits

The website was built for mobile responsiveness, so anyone on their phone or tablet could also fill in their taxes or get an estimate. The site was built for performance to handle tens of thousands of users and grow with the company as their sales grew. The calculator was re-designed and is now extremely intuitive as to reduce technical support phone calls and guide users through a sometimes difficult process.




The CMS chosen was DNN Evoq Professional (Content). HTML5, CSS3 and Modernizr were used for the responsive template. Numerous Telerik and other controls for the tax estimation calculator.

css3 evoq html5 mssql telerik