Get a Quality Corporate eCommerce Solution

Corporate and Manufacturing eCommerceA Corporate eCommerce site is more than just a regular B2B eCommerce website. It involves taking up a central strategic position and equipping your website(s) to handle multiple stores, various products and services, logistics from everywhere within the business structure and much more. It also involves maintaining constant customer contact in order to establish a professional front despite all the complexities taking place in the background.

Manufacturing eCommerce Within Corporate eCommerce

Manufacturing eCommerce integration has given many businesses from all kinds of industries the benefit of achieving substantially great returns with small to medium capital investments.

Manufacturing custom eCommerce has given many businesses from all kinds of industries the benefit of achieving substantially great returns with small to medium capital investments. These solutions make interaction between multiple online stores easy and smooth. They also facilitate interaction between the manufacturer, the wholesaler, the retailer and the final customers. A complete manufacturing eCommerce solution makes it simple to electronically maintain the complicated requirements of your business in an online presence. For example, Clarity eCommerce provides two completely unique multi-store models to handle the different types of stores larger organizations have (i.e. Distributors, vendors, Brands, Supply Chain, partners, etc.).

Manufacturing eCommerce allows businesses to sell the same kinds of products of a completely different enterprise product catalog at separate online stores, all easily updated through database technology. All activities from the different stores, such as customer support, product returns, orders, distributor inventory management and much more are handled smoothly, ensuring that your corporate eCommerce efforts are a profitable success.

Better Enterprise Product Catalog Organized Business

Product catalog solutions for multi-stores make it easy to update and manage many stores at the same time, with either little effort, or by delegating authority to each store owner to upload and manage their own products (similar to Amazon Business). It takes only a short while and a little effort to update stores that are equipped with an enterprise product catalog. You can choose to have a standard look across all stores, or have each of them individually customized to your preferences. You can make all the multiple stores function as individual entities or as a group of stores with similar properties, catalogs and even promotions (Amazon style). You can remain certain that your eCommerce website will display what you want it to, in a fashion that appeals to your customers and that it can be managed easily by your team.

Distributor Inventory Management Made Easy

When you are a corporate organization dealing with many stores and departments, proper inventory management can become a huge challenge. This is not any different in the online realm. Fortunately, with an effective distributor inventory management solution, this entire process can be simplified. Distribution eCommerce solution systems from Clarity allow your company to allot fewer resources to ensure such logistics flow smoothly. These complicated procedures can be managed well and even automated to ensure that your business runs smoothly, day and night, without any hassles. This would certainly boost the effectiveness of your corporate business as a whole, and lead to increased profitability through efficiency.

Handling a business that requires corporate eCommerce in and of itself is a demanding task. Fortunately, there are plenty of eCommerce software systems and other solutions to ensure that this process is feasible and manageable. With these advantages, you can now focus on building your business to success instead of worrying about managing it manually. To see how Clarity can help your business create a professional, corporate eCommerce website or update your existing site, contact us today.