HL7 or Health Level 7 develops informatics interoperability standards in international healthcare. It is a nonprofit organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. HL7 typically refers to the specific standards that the organization creates. HL7 offers a framework that lets people exchange, share, integrate and receive health information. If you have a system that uses these standards, and you want to have eCommerce capability on your site, you need to be able to marry the two so that they are able to work in harmony.

HL7 and eCommerce Integration

eCommerce and HL7 IntegrationIf you have services or products that you sell through your site and you are selling to those who have medical records that you need to access, then you need to make sure that you have a proper system in place that will be able to handle the processes. The healthcare organizations that have the system are able to use it for everything from patient tracking to billing, and this is great for everyone involved. It will be easier to have the history of the patient in moments rather than days with some of the antiquated systems that hospitals once used. It can also help keep track of and organize billing records.

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How Does HL7 Integration Work?

When you have professionals working to integrate HL7 and your eCommerce, they are able to take their framework that they have for the eCommerce site and implement the actions and processes needed to work with HL7. The flexibility of the system allows for easier integration, and that means the process is going to be faster than starting from the ground and working up with a new system. They have engines for the different processes, and they can incorporate these into the existing eCommerce site to ensure that the product listing and catalog are compliant and working together with the HL7 systems.

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HL7 eCommerce Integration Helps Your Organization

When you have the implementation completed, you will find that you are able to take care of your patients and your eCommerce on the same system

With the conceptual standards (HL7 RIM), the application standards (HL7 CCOW), the document standards (HL7 CDA) and the messaging standards (HL7 v2.x and v3.0), you need to have a professional who knows how to integrate and combine your eCommerce site with these standards. When you have the implementation completed, you will find that you are able to take care of your patients and your eCommerce on the same system with much less time and involvement on the part of your employees. It is a seamless solution to improving your overall business.

Implement these changes to see just how much more efficient your organization will be able to run. The integration is well worth the cost.

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