If you're running your website on the DotNetNuke system, you need to take into account some aspects of the hosting plan that would not apply to other technologies. You'll want to make sure, for example, that your DotNetNuke hosting provider has .ASP, of course, because you'll need this to run the site. It goes farther than this, however, and you'll have to learn a bit about DotNetNuke compatible hosting plans.

Protection and Site Types

You'll have ASP.NET and SQL server on your site to support DotNetNuke features. Make sure that the hosting plan you purchase is adequate to support the size of the SQL server. If you have more than one site on the hosting plan, you may need to increase your disk size to accommodate it, which is a problem you can avoid by planning ahead. Your site may also grow over time, which will increase the database size further, and this is something to need to take into consideration.

If you have different types of sites on your hosting plan, make sure you go with a plan that allows this. Some DotNetNuke exclusive hosting plans only allow you to host DotNetNuke sites, but not all DotNetNuke compatible hosting is exclusive. If you use only DotNetNuke for your sites, this is not a concern, obviously.

DotNetNuke is a great platform to build your web presence with. Clarity can help you customize any web software that you or your company wishes to utilize.


You'll have to make sure that your DotNetNuke compatible hosting plan includes installation on root. This allows you to administer the site properly and, without it, you cannot set the proper permissions to run a DotNetNuke site. DotNetNuke hosting will prove inadequate without this feature, so be sure that you ask your provider in advance whether or not this is possible on their plans.

Be sure to ask how often the site is backed up off of the servers and how easy it is to expand your disk space, if needed.

Many of the other considerations with DotNetNuke are universal to any type of hosting. Be sure to ask how often the site is backed up off of the servers and how easy it is to expand your disk space, if needed. By and large, the leading hosting providers allow either very substantial amounts of bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth these days, so be sure you look for these features, as well. Your DotNetNuke hosting provider should also be able to ensure adequate uptime for a business site. Make sure you check out their reputation online by looking through forums and other sources of information to see if other users have had trouble with the host or if they are happy with their service.

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