A great new tool for DotNetNuke designers is now available – jQUI-DNN.

Jquery is a new type of coding language that is very similar to JavaScript, used to assist with effects and interaction with your website’s development code. Jquery is a relatively new, exciting technology for developers that can help to make user experiences more enjoyable and more interactive than ever before.

The basic idea of DotNetNuke Jquery was to provide DotNetNuke developers with an easy solution to deploying Jquery on that platform, and so it comes with separate core and them modules designed to be easily deployed on a DotNetNuke host.

Using DotNetNuke Jquery, developers can add the language to their modules much more easily than before.

DotNetNuke is a great platform to build your web presence with. Clarity can help you customize any web software that you or your company wishes to utilize.

But What Exactly is DotNetNuke Jquery?

Jquery is a library which makes the building of JavaScript pages and apps much easier to do than before.

Essentially, Jquery is a library which makes the building of JavaScript pages and apps much easier to do than before. Using DotNetNuke Jquery, developers can now achieve what used to take between 10 and 20 lines of JavaScript code just by using a single line of Jquery code.

Jquery is actually written in JavaScript itself, coming in the form of a .js file that is linked directly from your website. From here, the JavaScript code then access the Jquery library, calling on various Jquery functions to work out what you have commanded it to do.

The great thing about DotNetNuke Jquery is that it is completely free to use, just download it and install and you’re away. It also comes with hundreds of additional plugins as well, aside from the basic Jquery library, adding even more functionality and power to your website’s scripts.

How Can You Make Your Site Better With DotNetNuke Jquery?

This is the fun part. By using Jquery, you can easily create eye-catching animated effects and write highly powerful JavaScript apps that will rival those of Flash movies.

DotNetNuke Jquery will let you achieve the following quickly and easily:

  • Add animated effects to website elements – Quickly and easily add special effects such as sliding in and out, fading in and out and expanding/contracting effects.
  • Make XML requests – DotNetNuke Jquery uses JavaScript to request extra data from your server without needing to refresh the page.
  • Manipulate the DOM – Add, remove or re-order the content on your website easily by writing just one or two lines of code at the most.
  • Create an image slideshow – With DotNetNuke Jquery you can easily use its features to build a professional looking slideshow or a lightbox on your page.
  • Make drop-down menus – Creating multi-level drop-down menus with animations is made easy with Jquery.
  • Create a drag-and-drop interface – Build a page featuring elements which are able to be re-ordered or re-positioned by simply dragging them and dropping.
  • Add more power to forms – Add additional features to your web forms such as client-side validation and auto complete text fields that use information from a server-side database, plus many more.

Additionally, DotNetNuke Jquery makes it easier to write code for JavaScript on multiple web browsers. Before, the incompatibilities between major browsers such as Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox meant that developers were required to write different codes for each separate browser. Now, using Jquery, all you need to do is call up the appropriate function and then Jquery will do the rest, making the code run on all major browsers – saving you a lot of time!

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