Content Staging is the process of developing new website content on a staging server (usually behind a firewall) before that content is ready to be published to the production server.

There are many different use cases for content staging, including:

61% of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company

PCI Compliance

Specific compliance issues may disallow users to edit directly on production site.

Organization Policy

The company’s process requires thorough review before production edits.


In a world where some of the biggest websites are being hacked, the extra layer of encryption adds security.

Content Upgrades

On larger scale site-wide content upgrades, a staging server helps facilitate organization before the new content is launched

Historically, companies that wanted to implement website content staging were required to build the system themselves with file transfer protocol and/or database scripts.

With DotNetNuke Enterprise however, websites can easily roll out content staging as a core feature in the CMS. One of the only additional requirements of content staging over the default content management system is that Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is installed on the server. Note: The website should not be hosted on a shared or “grid” hosting environment.

You can see below an example of the content staging options on the actual staging site. You can see that the local and production publishing tokens are being matched up in order to relay the staging content to production when ready.

DNN Content Staging


The production site will host statistics about the amount and types of changes made via the content staging system. Below you can see the updated, added, and deleted site element changes from the staging site to the production site.

Publish Staged Content


Content staging is a fundamental web system for many companies that have a particular need to separate the location which hosts content edits and additions to the site from the location where that content is published. This web system is made extremely easy in DotNetNuke Enterprise, compared to the “hacked together” functions of the past.

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