In DotNetNuke, it’s possible to create “many websites within one” with multiple portals inside of a single DNN instance. Many times this is used to create sites for the different divisions of a company or completely separated entities united by a single owner individual or business. In both cases the portals will most likely need to have different design elements that are unique to that division or website.

The answer to this particular scenario is multi portal CSS switching.

The Benefits of CSS Switching:

  • Saves cost of additional designs
  • Easy to edit and manipulate
  • Ensures experience consistency
  • More..

Saves Cost

Instead of paying to have multiple designs made for the separate portals and websites, one stylesheet is built that calls different colors into the unique portals in order to change the feel without changing the code.

Easy to edit

Since CSS switching is actually built from a single stylesheet, edits made to style elements once can be applied across all of the web portals or sites.

Ensures consistency

For users, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you’ve navigated away from the original company if its portals have different designs. Giving these portals consistency improves visitor retention and maintains company branding.

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