DotNetNuke allows permission based content display on three different levels:

The Benefits of Load Balancing:

  • Module level
  • Page level
  • Parent-page level

Module Level

The best way to explain this part of DNN’s content control is to assume that the module(s) are displayed on a page that is accessible to all viewers. This would mean that the general public could enter a URL into a browser and view the page. Each module within that page has it’s own display settings. You can see these settings below.

DotNetNuke User Permissions


You can see that the module’s display can be controlled per each type of user. This particular example has no checkmarks, meaning that Administrators would be the only user group able to view and/or edit the module. Note that the Administrators group is controlled as a default “On” to avoid locking everyone out of the module. The module can be set to inherit the permissions from the page that it exists on via the checkbox at the bottom of the above image.

Page Level

In a very similar fashion to the module controls, each page of a DNN website can be designated to only be viewed and/or edited by certain user groups. The page permissions settings dashboard looks very similar to the module settings dashboard. You can see an example below.

DNN Website Permissions


In this example you can see that the page is set to only be edited by Administrators, but all users can view the page. This is indicated by the green checkmark in the All Users row and View Page column.

Parent Page Level

While being able to control the display settings on individual modules and pages is useful, in some cases an entire section of the site needs to be controlled under the same settings. This could be this case for a partner portal, where a company only wants partners accessing a section of the site that is dedicated to partner resources and data. For a parent-level page, applying its permissions to the children pages is done by clicking the “Copy Permissions” button that is highlighted below.

DotNetNuke Websites