Many corporations with sophisticated IT systems use Microsoft’s SharePoint which can bring databases, reports, business applications, and sites together to create a collaborative environment between departments.

The DotNetNuke Enterprise SharePoint Connector enables these businesses to utilize the power of SharePoint with the flexibility and versatility of the DNN website content management system. Here are some of the features of the Microsoft Sharepoint Connector:

Easy to Configure

  • Automated, configurable document push
  • Allows publishing of existing SharePoint file structures
  • Configurable management of document deletions
  • Configurable email alerts


  • SharePoint stays behind your firewall
  • Leverages the extended DotNetNuke security model
  • Granular activity tracking


  • Use for public web sites, extranets or intranets

Cost Effective

  • Reduces upfront costs
  • Minimizes operational costs

Microsoft Sharepoint

A significant benefit of the Microsoft SharePoint Connector is that it enables teams to store documents and content within the powerful SharePoint repository (SharePoint Document Library 2010) and distribute that content in it’s most recent version on a DotNetNuke Enterprise portal. This could be used to control a company intranet or its public website.

DotNetNuke Sharepoint Connector


Clarity is intimately familiar with the DotNetNuke Enterprise platform as well as the Microsoft SharePoint Connector, and this experience provides a level of unmatched quality for Client projects using the integration.

If you have any questions or requests regarding DotNetNuke Enterprise SharePoint integration, please call Clarity at 800.928.8160.

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