Note: DotNetNuke 6 has been rolled out Summer 2011. DotNetNuke 5 remains an option as a stable and productive platform.

While a lot of businesses and individuals have much invested in DotNetNuke 4, there are good reasons to consider installing DotNetNuke 5. The upgrade is much more than in increase in version numbers and there are plenty of features that will make life easier on developers and users.

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Some Features

DotNetNuke features have been improved in DotNetNuke 5 where Internet Explorer 8 is concerned. DotNetNuke now supports Internet Explorer 8 slices, which can also be configured so that time-to-live and expiration values are customized.

Unit testing support has also been improved in DotNetNuke 5. A widgets framework has been added to the DotNetNuke features, which makes it much easier to add JavaScript elements to your page. This is an important feature and vastly improves the efficiency of the platform as well as making it more cost-effective where adding these elements is concerned.

More Advanced DotNetNuke Features

Creating skins has been simplified, allowing a much more convenient way to take advantage of one of DotNetNuke's most useful features.

Creating skins has been simplified, allowing a much more convenient way to take advantage of one of DotNetNuke's most useful features. Instead of having to create separate XML files for skins, you can now use the Object notation improvement. The feature goes beyond this, however. For those designers who prefer to work in a WYSISYG environment, you can do so by including a JavaScript reference in the skin itself, making it much faster and more convenient to get a new skin up and sunning.

User administration features have also been improved. Administrators can now take advantage of the fact that there is no distinction between admin pages and normal pages. You can give access to any pages on your site to any group of users.

Permissions have been changed, as well. You can deny permissions using the permissions grid, which allows administrators to have a more flexible experience working with site security. If you want to change the user roles, the user no longer has to log in and log out to complete the task.

DotNetNuke features have been expensed enough to make upgrading to DotNetNuke 5 a sensible move. Features such as automatically logging the user's last log in IP address are small, but important, enhancements to security and the expansion of features to include more JavaScript functionalities, the WYSIWYG interface and the JQuery support that has been included with this update make DotNetNuke a much more feature-rich product than it already was. Those on DotNetNuke 4 may want to consider making the move.

DotNetNuke is a great platform to build your web presence with. Clarity can help you customize any web software that you or your company wishes to utilize.

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