C# is a programming language that was designed to provide a general-purpose solution to many different challenges. The language gained popularity because it is intelligible to those who understand the C# language. It is also designed to be easy on system resources, which makes it popular for numerous applications. It is provided with improvements that bring it in line with modern goals where efficiency and portability are concerned. It is also among the languages used with DotNetNuke.

The Relationship Between DotNetNuke and C#

DotNetNuke and C# are used together to create the dynamic information on the webpage.

DotNetNuke and C# are related at the fundamental level of the webpage, though you can think of ASP as being in between the two. When you create a webpage using DotNetNuke, you use ASP as the framework for that page. C# is one of the programming languages that are compatible with ASP and, therefore, it is used in some DotNetNuke features.

Modules and Other Features

DotNetNuke and C# are used together to create the dynamic information on the webpage. Because ASP can be used with this language, a programmer can create modules using the C# programming language and install them in the DotNetNuke CMS system. It is one of the most common tools used for this purpose, though there are some others used, as well. VB.NET can be used with ASP, as well. While Visual Basic can be used with ASP, it is more common to see programmers using C# these days.

In fact, DotNetNuke and C# have been brought together even more than they were in the past. The core modules for DotNetNuke are now in the C# language, which has obviously raised some controversy with programmers that worked in Visual Basic. Visual Basic was held to have some drawbacks compared to C# and that is among the reasons that this transition was made in recent years.

DotNetNuke and C# do share one important feature: They are familiar to many different users. There are a great many programmers out there that are familiar with C# and moving the core modules over to this language makes working with DotNetNuke easier for them and, presumably, increases the options for businesses that need custom modules and other features added to their site. This, and the popularity of the programming language on the whole, are among the reasons that C# has become so integrated with DotNetNuke. For most users, however, C# is something they'll never have to work with to manage a DotNetNuke site.

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