Financial-oriented Xamarin apps offer a staggering variety of business and eCommerce uses for developing a mobile-marketing engagement strategy. Xamarin offers developers the tools for source code management that simplify the challenging tasks involved when developing financial apps and authenticating access. Financial tools provide customers with incredible value, so more and more developers are creating complex financial apps for their customers. Xamarin financial apps can enable in-app purchases, manage enterprise banking, compile economic data from dozens of countries and perform other amazing jobs. In today's competitive IT environment, developing a powerful and useful app is the key to customer engagement, and developers can use Xamarin's intuitive and comprehensive platform for cross-platform development to create financial portals, apps that catalog transaction histories and thousands of other financial services like compiling assets or debts in real-time.

The Xamarin App Development platform has been used to build an app for the World Bank that surveys economic indicators from dozens of benchmarks in more than 30 countries and an app for Crédito Agrícola of Portugal that provides cutting-edge services for its best customers.[1] Companies can build apps that estimate property claims, energy production and government budgets or those that manage the financial side of healthcare issues. Sharing code in C# to create targeted financial apps doesn't need to take a lot of time or development money, and using Xamarin helps companies manage their security risks intelligently.

Financial-Oriented Xamarin App Development


Building a Mobility Strategy with Financial Apps

People now spend an average of 30 hours engaging the world through their mobile apps.[2] Customers use these apps to buy products, balance their budgets, apply for loans, initiate insurance claims, research homeownership costs and even conduct Google searches for products and searches for other apps. Companies need to develop increasingly sophisticated apps to meet the demand, engage customers and keep their regular clients loyal. Financial apps are among the most valued because they furnish integral services in real-time, simplify managing account numbers and passcodes and provide transaction documentation.

In-App Purchases and Other Customer-Centric Financial Conveniences

Building financial apps allows companies to sell products directly within iOS and Android apps. Xamarin offers complete guides for writing code that implement in-app purchases according to Android and iOS guidelines. Developers receive percentages of their sales from Google and Apple, but they essentially process orders through Google Play or Apple. Each of these processors has its own restrictions about the goods, subscriptions and services that can be sold in-app. Developers must also conform to the laws and taxes of other countries.

Developer Uses for Financial Apps

Apps can manage payroll for businesses, track money, manage investments and perform other valued services for customers and, in the process, make the developer's company a key part of their customers' lives. Ideas for apps include personal finance managers, apps to track and manage stocks, full accounting services, invoice managing, and many others. Xamarin Frameworks offers key management, code-sharing for cross-development and documentation features that make building financial apps possible and practical for millions of organizations.

The Key to Xamarin Financial Apps

Xamarin handles financial apps with three tools: an authenticating token, authenticating server and an AccountManager. The app generates an auth-token when any user logs into the app. These tokens can be time-limited. The AccountManager checks with the authenticator to see if the user has permission and performs other relevant tasks such as looking at account balances, authenticating access, checking current prices, etc. These simple processes -- performed once or thousands of times -- enable incredibly complex financial calculations.

Security Risks of Financial Apps

Security risks are real, ever-present risks when working with any type of app and especially for apps that handle financial information. In 2014, the National Institute of Standards and Technology identified thousands of new vulnerabilities that include Heartbleed, Venom, Shellshock and Ghost.[3] Fortunately, working with Xamarin to develop financial apps allows programmers to find most vulnerabilities during development. That eliminates threats when customers download the apps at Google Play or the Apple App store, but reusing and sharing open source code requires that developers stay diligent testing the apps on various devices. Ongoing security testing is a key part of keeping current with the latest security threats, and Xamarin's resources and team of engineers provide the latest and most comprehensive testing options on the Internet. Developers can test their financial apps on more than 2,000 devices, develop new iterations of apps to close vulnerabilities and enlist collaborative support from an incredible base of experienced coders.

Continuous Integration

Xamarin offers developers continuous integration or CI, which allows them to build or run tests anytime that they sign in to their Xamarin accounts. Version control ensures that programmers have access to every file change made in each app developed on Xamarin's platform. This advantage means that developers can run continuous tests on their financial apps, a luxury that wasn't always available to companies with small or limited development budgets. Companies can use Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services through the cloud from any location without updating the device hardware or browser security protocols.

How Clarity Can Help

Clarity's team works well with your programmers and Xamarin's experts to collaborate on developing the most useful and secure financial apps for eCommerce and other applications. Our teams have helped to design financial portals, invoice-generating apps, apps that track payments and purchasing activities and apps that allow customers to purchases goods and services within the apps. If you need the kind of focused and experienced help and advice that working with a top software vendor provides, Team Clarity delivers custom code and database implementations, eCommerce payment and tracking systems and many other intuitive features for management operations. Call or contact Clarity today for a consultation about Xamarin financial apps, eCommerce or app development or to get a free price quote.

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