Clarity eCommerce’s Advanced Catalog Features Bring You Scalability On Demand

Clarity eCommerce’s advanced catalog means infinite growth opportunities for both your product offerings and your bottom line. Our entire platform was developed to advance with your business, which is why you’ll enjoy unlimited SKUs, categories, tags, and products. We’re also keenly aware that loyal customers are essential to long-term business success, which is why our powerful solution makes it easy to provide customer-specific pricing.

advanced catalog for enterprise and b2b ecommerce

Dynamic Inventory Management Solutions

In the online retail business, managing product inventory can be a complex undertaking. For one thing, you’re often dealing with virtual representations of goods and items that are not currently in your possession - and this requires complex and accurate product management. But beyond advanced logistics integration, you must also have the front-end scalability required to give your customers the ability to rapidly find and purchase the products they need.

Whether your inventory is updated monthly, weekly, or even daily, you need a solution flexible enough to keep up with the pace of constant change. Clarity’s breakthrough eCommerce platform delivers those capabilities by giving you an advanced catalog filled with endless possibilities like…

Unlimited SKUs

  • Add as many unique products as you want to your catalog; no limits means no bottlenecks.
  • Track every single product – even millions, from one simple interface.
  • Easily identify and monitor sales of all products by a diverse range of attributes including manufacturer, product description, material size, color, packaging, and even warranty terms.
  • Get real-time reporting on inventory levels, individual item sales, and general category sales with just a few simple clicks.

Unlimited Categories

  • No more standardized templates that offer you only a few generic categories.
  • Easily place individual items into multiple categories, increasing their frequency in search results and ensuring the right product always gets in front of the right customer.
  • Move beyond simple categories and be creative – any classification you can think of can be instantly added.

Unlimited Tags

  • Place as many tags on each product as you want and capitalize on a powerful vector for product cross-referencing.
  • Lets customers click on each tag to find similarly labeled items; this means keeping your customers engaged longer, and making it easier for them to find exactly what they want.
  • Create tag clouds to categorize items and attributes by their popularity.
  • Boost your search engine rankings by adding additional links to deeper content throughout your site.

Unlimited Products

  • Limitless capacity means never having to worry about the effects of adding new products to your e-store.
  • Archive older products while easily promoting your latest offerings to customers.
  • Streamlined technologies make it easy to scale your business and increase product inventory without back-end downtime or front-end lag and delays.
  • Simple product management from the back-end; view everything in one table, on one page, and update with a single click.

Customer-Specific Pricing

  • Enhance customer loyalty by implementing rewards programs and special discounts
  • Create segmented customer levels such as silver, gold, and platinum, and adjust pricing and shipping costs based on these tiers.
  • Create membership programs that generate additional revenue at the front of the sale, while increasing customer satisfaction with long-term discounted pricing.
  • Easily track customer-specific pricing and its impact on your overall revenue and profits.
  • Pre-set the expiration dates of discounts.
  • Automatically adapt pricing to include special sales and discount rates.
  • Customer-specific pricing is easily managed through a back-end menu, meaning you always remain control over your total eCommerce sales strategy.

Each of the features packaged in Clarity eCommerce’s Advanced Catalog has been developed with your customers in mind. Our unique technology ensures your business’s efficiency and organization by completely eliminating unnecessary inventory confusion, limitations, or redundancies. For more information about how our advanced catalog features can keep your business growing, contact Clarity today.