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“Land and Expand”: A Brilliant Approach for a Digital Transformation

Employing the land and expand strategy for your business’s digital transformation

Digital Transformation and DevelopmentThe land and expand approach can be used in numerous different areas of your business. Land and expand, in a nutshell, means to first start small, get your footing, and then expand into other areas once you know that your “landing” is successful. While the land and expand strategy is usually used for sales, the methodology can be used to work on many other parts of your business, from development to digital transformation. When applying the land and expand approach to a digital transformation, you need to select which systems to work on first then iterate from there.

Singling Out Your Core Systems

When using the land and expand approach for digital transformation, the first step is to single out the core systems and areas which will be your initial focus, or your “landing.” For example, if you decide that mobile is the main area that you want to focus on for your digital transformation, your core systems would most likely include your mobile eCommerce and responsive web design.


After you have selected the first area that you want to work on or transform, it is time to create that landing. Only work on adding or upgrading the core systems that you have singled out. The focus should be on getting those areas up and running. In our example, you would only work on developing improving your site’s responsive web design and mobile eCommerce. Focusing on that small piece or landing helps your business develop and deploy those core systems more quickly.

Land and Expand ApproachExpand 

After you have successfully deployed your core systems, you can now iterate and expand. You could branch out into working on other systems that were less vital but are still part of your business’s digital strategy and important to its digital transformation. In our example, you could move onto adding mobile marketing and maybe even developing a mobile application. You could also focus on perfecting your mobile eCommerce and adding features that further enhance its usefulness.

Why Use the Land and Expand Approach? 

The land and expand strategy can be a very beneficial approach for most businesses. It ensures that the most vital systems get worked on first so if you have budget or time restraints, you will at least have the most important pieces of your project finished, instead of being halfway through a lengthy project with nothing to show for it. The land and expand approach is also quicker than more traditional approaches, like the waterfall method, because you handle it in bit size pieces, making adjustments as you go. When you bring the most important aspects of your digital transformation to market first, this gives you a leg up on your competition. Especially in the B2B space, bringing eCommerce into your business offerings ahead of your competitors can be a huge advantage in an area that B2B has been slow to adapt. 

Clarity Can Help 

For nearly a decade, Clarity Ventures has been helping clients transform their businesses through technology. Our team of expert developers has worked with numerous clients who have used the land and expand approach to handle their digital transformations, eCommerce development, and sales strategies. To find out more about a land and expand strategy or to speak with a developer about your business’s digital transformation plans, call or click to contact us today!