12 Reasons to Integrate Dynamics GP with B2B eCommerce Platform

Integrating Dynamics GP with eCommerce Benefits Customers, Business Stakeholders, and IT

Get the Most Out of Your eCommerce Platform

Competing successfully in the fast-paced B2B market requires a robust eCommerce solution that can be customized to meet specific needs. Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) integration with Clarity eCommerce allows businesses to handle a constant influx of data and perform all the processes necessary to offer customers the best possible service every day.

1. Collaborative Tools

Dynamics GP eCommerce solutions bring every employee in a company together on a single platform to create a collaborative environment in which data is easily shared. This facilitates open communication between departments and eliminates the need to contact each supervisor or administrator separately to obtain updated information. Team projects and individual tasks can all be monitored from a central dashboard for easy management and tracking.



2. Tiered Pricing

Unlike volume discounts, tiered pricing requires the ability to charge different amounts for set quantities of items at multiple levels. Implementing this pricing model is easier with an integrated eCommerce solution to handle the changes in price as order quantities increase. The sales department can set up tiers for individual products or customers, and the program automates the process to reflect the price reduction on the consumer end.



3. Sales Orders

Once customers have made purchases, an eCommerce integration like Dynamics GP can immediately issue sales orders to confirm which products were paid for, and it stores that information in the system. Customers can then search for orders by date or order number to track and manage each one as needed. Should questions arise, this enables customers to find answers themselves rather than having to call the company.

sales orders


4. Account Management

Dynamics GP allows companies to track orders, payments and sales history in real time to facilitate order processing and fulfillment. It also offers the option of setting specific prices for individual customers, which is a valuable capability in a B2B environment. Creating customized pricing for loyal customers or offering discounts on reorders encourages repeat purchases, and a robust account management tool is necessary to determine which customers are eligible for these discounts.



5. Inventory Management

When a customer places an order or an item is shipped out, the available quantities are automatically updated in the Dynamics GP platform. Companies can use this information to accurately track the flow of inventory and determine when more of specific products need to be manufactured or ordered. This prevents mistakes that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage important business relationships.



6. Order Fulfillment

With a Dynamics GP integration, customers can upload their own order details and view payment history any time. Updated information is reflected throughout the system so it can be accessed by fulfillment centers and shipping departments to facilitate quick processing and delivery. Real-time data transfer means fewer delays and a better customer experience.

order fulfillment


7. Controlled Access to Data

Data security in Dynamics GP is managed through three levels: operation, task and role. Operation defines basic security permissions, tasks are the operations necessary to perform a certain job and a role is a group of tasks assigned to a specific user. These levels allow companies to manage data access across departments and on the consumer end of the platform by creating unique logins for up to 1,000 users at a time.



8. Increased Efficiency

Automating tasks with an integrated eCommerce platform eliminates many of the delays commonly experienced in a traditional business environment. Faster flow of information between individuals and teams creates a dynamic model that ensures instant access to up-to-the-minute data on sales and inventory. When compared to manual methods of data entry and order management, eCommerce platforms require fewer resources to maintain the same or a higher level of output.



9. Reduction of Errors

Another problem with manual processing is the potential for errors that compound as information is transferred from one part of a company to another. Using a single Dynamics GP platform for input creates an aggregated pool of data that everyone can access without worrying about delays or losing time contacting other departments within the company to ensure data is correct.

reduce errors


10. SEO Implementation

Dynamics GP eCommerce offers SEO tools to improve the visibility of product pages in search results. Since establishing B2B sales relationships requires repeated brand exposure, these tools are invaluable to business growth. Responding to shifts in customer behavior requires a dynamic SEO strategy supported by the continually updated data set available in a customized eCommerce platform.



11. Multiple Application Integration

Companies no longer operate one single physical or web-based sales platform. Today’s enterprise business offers a constellation of sales options that may include point-of-sale devices, online storefronts, mobile apps and call centers. Dynamics GP integrates all types of sales platforms, storing and aggregating data as it arrives. Rates for taxes and shipping can be set by company administrators so that figures are automatically calculated at the time of sale. The resulting increase in efficiency provides a better customer experience and allows for more diversity in sales and marketing.



12. Tracking Metrics

Multi-channel marketing is the new norm for B2C and B2B businesses alike. Dynamics GP tracks customer behavior through the entire purchasing funnel and can be used to create reports that show which channels are the most lucrative. Sales patterns reveal which products and services are consistently popular. This collective data provides the blueprint for future advertising campaigns by creating comprehensive views of each customer that show how best to market to unique prospects.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity aims to provide the best results with every integration and supports the unique needs of enterprise businesses. Let the experienced team of developers at Clarity create and implement a customized Clarity eCommerce platform for your company, equipped with a Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration. Contact Clarity today for a free quote or to learn more about how this robust tool can benefit both you and your customers!