4 More Reasons To Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN Evoq 7, Upgrading DotNetNuke CMS Newest

Even More Reasons You Should Upgrade to DNN Evoq 7

Why it's worth it to make the jump.

1. URL Management

DNN Upgrade Evoq 7

URLs are the background heroes of site organization, Uniform Resource Locators really are the address of each page, so making sure they are up to date, accurate, and driving content to the correct place on your site. With DNN Evoq 7's Advanced URL management you can set up automatic 301 redirects when your content gets moved and you still want to keep the Page Rank, custom 404 and 500 error pages to ensure your visitors are always in good hands, as well as a custom URL testing area to make sure everything works before taking it live.

2. User Interface

The new user experience that DNN Evoq 7 offers is more intuitive and easier to navigate, along with a new sleek look that evokes a better sense of the powerful front end under the hood. One of DNN's most compelling offerings is it's dynamic on page UI, and DNN version 7 puts even more power in your hands on each page. Additionally on-page and in-browser drag-and-drop makes file import and modules changes easier than ever. User interface is not just crucial for your customer.

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3. Integrated API's

Access and manage all of your data securely though the new web service framework based on Microsoft Web API, including the ability to hydrate, or fill content, using a robust services layer. Integration with other systems has been further streamlined and optimized. Building on the security increases that were covered in our first four reasons, the increased authentication and authorization DNN has implemented throughout the application programming interface maintains that any data exchange maintains the utmost data integrity.



4. Solution Capabilities

With DNN Evoq 7, the platform can adapt to more of the diverse solutions required by different environments that DNN is used in. This also means that DNN Evoq 7 integrates naively with DNN Social and can be deployed locally or even hosted in the cloud.

What's next?

If these, and other reasons, have shown you why you should upgrade; and if you want to bring on a DNN Gold Partner to help with the upgrade, contact Clarity today for a free quote.

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