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5 Best Practices for Dynamics GP Integration with eCommerce

Integrating Dynamics GP with eCommerce

Techniques to help you with your eCommerce Dynamics GP Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Great PlainsDo you want to bring an edge to your business, finance, inventory, and operations? Do you wish to scale up the business and adapt to growth? Do you wish to have a solution that is easy to use and implement? It doesn't matter if your business is small or medium-sized. If the answer to all questions is YES, then Microsoft Dynamics is the solution you are waiting for. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business management solution. Both small and medium-sized businesses utilize Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Dynamics GP is stable and scalable and supports business needs today and in the future. The best part is that you can easily integrate your eCommerce with Dynamics' GP.

Let us look at Microsoft Dynamics GP first. Post that, we will look at techniques for Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce.

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is flexible, configurable, and scalable to adapt to business size. The second most used Enterprise Resource Software (ERP) is Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is an established solution for productivity and insight across your business needs. They offer four different ERP solutions to big and small businesses. This solution works well for small to mid-sized businesses as it's easy to use and implement. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps to manage and improve the tracking of all data.

This helps to manage business intelligence data, account management, and inventory management. Simple and easy customization helps to figure tools and information for better efficiency. Dynamics GP helps to connect people and systems improving teamwork and precision. This also reduces the steps of day to day tasks to focus on important perspectives.

Microsoft Dynamics GP proactively identifies risks and developments. This helps to project the profit trends and to determine the time to add new products or services. This also helps to understand and set financial target goals in time. Let's next look at some benefits that the Dynamics GP portal delivers.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • Enables rapid configuration and migration on the go with best practices in implementation. You can easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce software.
  • Easy customization to add fields and boxes without developers.
  • Connect all sale points like online frontend, customer relationship management other applications, etc.
  • Facilitate IT, management with customization, and integration tools to lower costs. This helps to focus on strategic planning and initiatives.

Why Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to use and designed to work with MS office and easy to learn. Its easy deployment on-premise hosted and cloud options make it a suitable advantage. The in-depth functionalities and add on products make Dynamics GP a better choice. This works as a strategic tool than pointless expenditure.

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables employees to create customized reports focusing on exact information. This helps to make effective business decisions to improve company operations. The Dynamics interface provides role-based insights, a custom dashboard, and performance reports.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows familiar tools to customize the system according to requirements. The platform lets people customize new capacities using built in personalized tools. This also generates personalized reports, views, automates routine tasks without IT developer support. Some of the varying reasons are as follows:

  • Proven Productivity
  • It meets the tailored business requirement of companies beyond financial management and reporting
  • Meets the contemporary needs of business providing data insights for effective decisions
  • Tailored solutions enable the business to increase efficiency
  • Better functionalities than other accounting systems
  • Supports Long term growth
  • Manages multiple companies or units
  • Supports manufacturing processes
  • Comprehensive payroll functionality

Integrating Dynamics GP eCommerce Platform

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete solution for managing your business. This helps to integrate finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing. Project accounting, customer management, and human resources also benefit. Any IT integration and automation should free employees from daily time-consuming tasks. Microsoft Dynamics GP platform helps to maximize technology investments. In these applications and systems operate together, transforming as a strategic tool. To get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce platform, follow these steps:

  • Using eConnect
    To integrate Microsoft Dynamics with other systems and software eConnect tool helps. It offers a powerful set of endpoints via an API. This ensures easy communication with data for software developers in an internal GP environment. The recommended tool is eConnect for all system integration. eConnect provides multiple integration points to make the process easy and smooth. Microsoft also recommends eConnect for their recommended integrations.
  • Use a Mapping Matrix
    To plan out Dynamics GP integration, use a mapping tool to assist the process. This helps to explore all possible integration points. Integration points help developers to authenticate all existing and new connections. Potential connections can be beneficial to business in the future. It is advisable to create all integration connections during system integration. This avoids integration rework several times. Verify custom entities that eConnect may not have access to during the initial setup. You may require web services for integration.
  • Document Custom Classes and Fields
    Defining and documenting custom classes, fields, entries is essential to your Dynamics GP. You should have them created and documented. This helps easy creation of custom fields or else is arduous during eConnect setup. Access to customizations through eConnect may be challenging. So, review custom fields to your eCommerce platform. Your teams will then have a better understanding of the detailed requirements.
  • Create a “Cloned” Environment
    Sandbox is a replicated environment similar to a production environment. It is helpful for developers for integration. You must ensure the development environment matches the production environment. You should create a list of features and functions as in a production environment. You must check integration in the cloned environment. Ensure that eConnect is working as expected.
  • Follow Best Practices to Integrate Microsoft ERPs
    Robust Integrations are based on redundancy, performance, and security. Message queues are good practices for achieving redundancy. Utilizing caching and small size data helps in integration. Secure integration involves multiple security levels, SSL data transmission, and authentication. It also involves scoping of data. These practices will help with a strong foundation in your integration. Microsoft Dynamics GP eCommerce integration.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we are committed to creating strong, secure, and useful integrations for our clients. Our Microsoft Dynamics Certified team of experts is highly experienced at developing integrations, especially when integrating Microsoft software. We have also created our own integration platform, Clarity Connect, to help build seamless integrations. To find out more about how Clarity can help your business integrate its Microsoft Dynamics GP software with your ecommerce platform, visit the Dynamics GP ecommerce integration Center.


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